14% Weekly APR — X3DEFI AI Trading Bot Continues Incredible Performance

Another week, another amazing payout! During the last seven days, the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot has generated an overall APR of almost 14% and continued its incredible performance. This post will provide more statistics and results of the bot — and all information you need in case you want to jump on the train.

The world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) is continuously evolving, with new innovative solutions emerging to enhance the trading experience and increase profitability. One such innovation is the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot, which has demonstrated impressive performance and consistently generated positive returns for its users since its inception.

The following chapters will take a closer look at the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot’s earnings and performance, highlighting the benefits it offers to direct investors, NFT holders, and DARKX Diamond Vault investors.

We will also examine the average weekly APR and the fact that the bot has never returned a loss since its start, showcasing its potential as a reliable investment option in the crypto space.

X3DEFI AI Trading Bot — Earnings and Performance Overview

The X3DEFI AI Trading Bot has consistently delivered impressive results since its launch beginning of March 2023. The information below reflects the earnings and performance of the bot in USD, showing the total earnings generated for each payout period and the distribution of these earnings among direct investors, NFT holders, and DARKX Diamond Vault members.

Total Earnings

The data shows that the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot has provided substantial returns to its users, with total weekly earnings ranging from $863 to as high as $3,029. Since the start, the bot has generated almost 17,000 USD in earnings.

  • Direct investors have received a significant share of the earnings, with amounts varying from $431.50 to $1,514.50, summing up to almost 8,500 USD.
  • NFT holders have also benefited from the bot’s performance, with earnings per NFT ranging from $0.22 to $3.03. In total, almost 1,700 USD has been distributed to NFT holders. Worth mentioning that the number of NFTs is limited to 100. Accordingly, every NFT has received 17 USD. This rewards NFT holders and incentivizes users to become more engaged in the ecosystem, ultimately contributing to the project’s overall success.
  • The DARKX Diamond Vault has received consistent earnings from the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot, with amounts between $86.3 and $302.9 (in total 1.7k USD), providing an additional source of income for DARKX Diamond Vault members.

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The Average Weekly APR

One of the most notable aspects of the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot’s performance is the average weekly APR (annual percentage rate).

The APR since the last payout has varied from a low of 2.76% to a high of 40.82%, with the majority of the figures being well above 7%.

These figures highlight the consistent profitability that the bot offers its users, making it an attractive investment option in the DeFi space.

No Losses Since the Start

Perhaps the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot’s most impressive performance is its ability to generate positive returns without ever experiencing a loss.

This incredible achievement showcases the bot’s reliability and effectiveness in navigating the volatile world of cryptocurrency trading, providing a sense of security to investors looking to profit from the crypto market.

In addition to the bot’s consistent positive performance, the reinvestment of earnings has also played a crucial role in enhancing profitability. With reinvested amounts ranging from $215.75 to $757.25, the bot has utilized these funds to generate even greater returns for its users, further demonstrating its potential as a valuable investment tool.

Total Value Locked

The bot’s TVL has grown consistently from 3,500 USD at the beginning to more than 25,000 USD.

How To Get Started?

Ready to experience the incredible gains the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot offers? Three simple ways exist to join the party and start profiting from this game-changing investment tool. Let’s dive into the options so you can find the best fit for you:

Direct Investment via the Website using WMATIC tokens:

One of the easiest ways to get started with the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot is by directly investing through the website. You only need to purchase WMATIC tokens and use them to invest in the bot. This straightforward process allows you to start reaping the rewards of the bot’s extraordinary performance in no time!

Buy the X3DEFI NFT on the Secondary Market and Earn as an NFT Holder

For those looking to add a touch of exclusivity to their investment, you can opt to buy the X3DEFI NFT on the secondary market. By becoming an NFT holder, you’ll be eligible to earn a share of the bot’s profits. This approach provides you with a unique and valuable digital asset and gives you access to the bot’s outstanding returns.

Buy DARKX Tokens and Put Them in the Diamond Vault

Another exciting way to get involved with the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot is by purchasing DARKX tokens and depositing them in the Diamond Vault. This option allows you to earn a portion of the bot’s profits while simultaneously participating in the DARKX ecosystem. By staking your DARKX tokens in the Diamond Vault, you’ll gain access to the bot’s impressive performance and benefit from the broader DeFi ecosystem.

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General Assessment

The X3DEFI AI Trading Bot has proven itself as an innovative and powerful investment tool in the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.

With consistent positive performance, impressive earnings for direct investors, NFT holders, and DARKX Diamond Vault members, and an attractive average weekly APR, the bot presents a compelling option for those seeking to enhance their investment portfolio.

The fact that the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot has never returned a loss since its start is a testament to its reliability and effectiveness, providing investors with a sense of security and confidence in their investments.

As the DeFi space continues to evolve and grow, tools like the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry and offering lucrative opportunities for investors.

Moreover, the bot’s integration with NFTs and the DARKX Diamond Vault adds an extra layer of value to its ecosystem, further incentivizing user engagement and contributing to the project’s overall success.

As more people become aware of the potential of AI-driven trading bots like X3 DEFI, we can expect to see a surge in interest and investment in this rapidly emerging field.


In conclusion, the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot represents a groundbreaking innovation in the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. Its consistent performance, attractive earnings potential, and reliability make it an exciting and promising investment option for those looking to capitalize on the ever-evolving world of crypto trading.

As we continue to witness the growth and development of the DeFi space, it’s crucial for investors to stay informed and explore new opportunities like the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot, which has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach investing in the digital age.

About X3DEFI

Launched in October 2022, X3DEFI is a DeFi project built on the Polygon chain, offering a wide range of features such as a Tomb Fork, lending and leveraging, vaults, and trading bots. Since its inception, the project has been committed to delivering innovative solutions and providing a robust platform for users to grow their investments in the ever-evolving DeFi space.

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This post is no financial advice. Please do your own research. Investing in a crypto trading bot does not guarantee any gains — moreover, a total loss of assets is possible! Moreover, this post may contain affiliate links.

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