Accelerating Crypto Trading: Introducing New Features on

Greetings, crypto aficionados! Here at, we have always believed in making cryptocurrency trading accessible, efficient, and insightful. In line with this vision, we have some exciting news to share.

Brace yourself for tomorrow, July 11th; we’re launching a host of new features on our Trading Signal Platform that promises to take your trading experience to a whole new level. This post gives you an overview of what to expect tomorrow!

A Smoother Search Experience

We kick off our new set of features with an enhancement to our search functionality. Now, you can search for or filter for specific tokens. This minor update, albeit powerful, will ensure that you have the ability to tailor your browsing experience to your preferences and trading interests. Whether you are keen on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or any other cryptocurrency, finding your preferred tokens is now just a click away!

Expanding Timeframe Options: Welcoming the 1-Day Timeframe

Next in line is a significant update to our Crypto Trading Signals Service. We understand that different traders have different needs, and to cater to this, we are adding an additional timeframe to the free tier: the 1-day timeframe. Available to everyone free of charge, this new feature will provide a broader perspective of the market’s performance, thereby helping you formulate more effective long-term trading strategies.

Empowering Scalp and Day Traders: Hello, 15M and 5M Timeframes

As we venture further into our mission of making crypto trading an empowering experience, we are introducing two more timeframes: the 15-minute and the 5-minute. This news is particularly great for scalp and day traders who must closely monitor short-term market fluctuations.

In the free version, these timeframes will be limited to 3 results to give you a taste of what you could achieve. If you find these new timeframes beneficial, which we are confident you will, we have an attractive proposal for you.

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Introducing the Expert Club: Unlock Full Access for Just $1/Week

For those of you who would like to unlock the full power of our Trading Signal Platform, we invite you to join our Expert Club. For just $1 per week, you can gain unrestricted access to all signals on the 15M and 5M timeframes. Considering the enhanced control and insight you will receive over your trading activities, we believe this is an exceptional value proposition.

We’ve always strived to offer our services free of charge and will continue to do so. However, this nominal fee for our Expert Club ensures we can continue providing you with top-tier, innovative features while maintaining the free tier for those who choose it.

Mobile Experience Reimagined: Optimized Mobile Layout

In the digital era, we understand that mobility is critical. Hence, we’re excited to announce a significant upgrade to our platform: an improved mobile layout. With this revamp, we’ve streamlined the mobile user experience, making it even easier to navigate the crypto market on the go. Enjoy a seamless mobile trading experience with!

Looking Ahead: More Features on the Horizon

As we continue our mission to enrich your crypto trading experience, we can’t wait to share some upcoming features with you. We will soon add more filters like market cap and volume, offering you greater control over your trading strategy. Furthermore, we’ll integrate more indicators, equipping you with a broader range of analytical tools for your trading arsenal.

These are exciting times at, and we’re thrilled you’re a part of it. We look forward to your feedback on the new features and can’t wait to show you what’s coming next. So, mark your calendars for tomorrow’s big launch. Here’s to an enriched, empowering future in crypto trading!

Never miss a trading signal!

Sign-up for our trading signal service and receive the latest signals directly into your inbox — every hour! No spam. No bs. And free of charge.

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