Bear Market Busters: 3 Crypto Tokens That Are Unstoppable!

In the world of cryptocurrency, a bear market typically brings about significant challenges. It’s a period marked by declining asset prices, dwindling investor confidence, and a pervasive sense of caution. Most tokens see a decrease in value, with portfolios suffering as a consequence. However, certain assets demonstrate notable resilience and growth despite the prevailing market conditions.

In this context, our extensive and data-driven analysis has identified three such cryptocurrencies – TRX, RUNE, and TRB – that are outperforming the market, showing a sustained increase in value amidst the overarching bearish trend. This report presents a detailed examination of these tokens, providing insights into their performance metrics, underlying strengths, and potential factors contributing to their upward trajectory. It serves as a comprehensive guide for investors seeking robust assets that continue to flourish despite a bear market, offering both stability and growth potential.

Bear Market Buster 1 — TRON (TRX)

TRON’s current price is $0.085, with a modest 7-day increase of 0.31%. Despite this minimal short-term change, the 30-day and 1-year changes of 11.1% and 42.32% signify a consistent positive momentum. The fact that the current price is very near to the 1-year high of $0.0851 suggests a robust market sentiment towards TRX.

Tron TRX Price Analysis

Technical Indicators

TRON is experiencing an uptrend in all EMA, SMA, and WMA indicators. This unanimous upward trend across different time frame moving averages signifies strong bullish momentum, offering a comprehensive view of the token’s sustained growth potential.

The MACD for TRX is bullish, further strengthening the case for a continuing uptrend. A bullish MACD typically suggests the momentum is with the bulls, and the price is likely to keep increasing.

The strong ADX for TRX underlines the prevailing upward trend, reinforcing the robustness of the upward price movement.

Tron TRX Technical Indicators

Momentum Indicators

RSI, Stoch. Oscillator, and Williams R:
Although TRX shows overbought conditions on the Stoch. Oscillator and Williams R, the RSI is neutral. The overbought conditions might normally signal a potential price pullback, but the neutral RSI provides a balancing perspective, indicating the asset is not universally seen as overbought.

The MFI also indicates an overbought scenario, which might hint at a potential pullback. However, sustained demand can sometimes defy such indicators, keeping the price in the overbought region for extended periods.

Support and Resistance

The strong support levels at $0.080 and $0.073 for TRX provide a solid foundation. These levels could act as a buffer, preventing significant downward movement and helping to maintain the token’s upward trajectory.


In conclusion, TRON (TRX) exhibits an array of positive technical indicators, including an uptrend in all moving averages and a bullish MACD, underscoring the potential for ongoing upward price movement. Despite overbought signals from Stoch. Oscillator, Williams R, and MFI, the strong ADX and solid support levels accentuate the likelihood of a continued uptrend.

Investors should, however, maintain vigilance and continuously monitor these momentum indicators for any sudden changes that could denote a possible shift in price dynamics. The robust support levels add an additional layer of reassurance, potentially thwarting significant downward price movements.

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Bear Market Buster 2 — Tellor (TRB)

Tellor is currently trading at $48.99, reflecting a significant increase of 4.96% over the past seven days. The 30-day change is a staggering 182.22%, and the one-year change at 146.12% further emphasizes this asset’s solid performance and attraction among investors.

Tellor TRB Price Analysis

Tellor — Technical Indicators

Tellor reveals a consistent uptrend across all EMA, SMA, and WMA indicators, signifying a potential continuation of the bullish momentum. This comprehensive agreement across various time frames and types of moving averages further solidifies the uptrend narrative.

Despite a current bearish MACD, the overwhelming positive signs from other technical indicators could potentially outweigh this bearish signal, hinting that this might be a temporary phase or a minor pullback in a larger uptrend.

A strong ADX is present for Tellor, supporting the viewpoint of a solid and prevailing uptrend. This further enhances the confidence in the asset’s growth trajectory.

Tellor TRB Technical Indicators

Tellor — Momentum Indicators

RSI and Stoch. RSI
Even though the Stoch. RSI is in the oversold territory. The neutral status of the RSI suggests a balanced market sentiment. This scenario may indicate a possible near-term correction or consolidation, after which the upward trend could resume.

Other Indicators
Other momentum indicators are mostly neutral, not signaling any immediate concern or red flag for the asset’s uptrend.

Support and Resistance

The notable support levels at $30.13 and $18.80 for TRB are significant cushions. Their presence offers additional assurance for investors by potentially limiting downside and providing entry points for new investments.


In summation, despite a bearish MACD and oversold Stoch. The overwhelming positive indicators of RSI, including a strong ADX and a consistent uptrend in EMA, SMA, and WMA, underscore the continuing growth potential of Tellor (TRB). The significant year-on-year performance further highlights the asset’s attraction.

The established support levels provide additional stability and reassurance, potentially minimizing the downside while the asset continues its upward journey. Investors should, however, keep a close eye on momentum indicators for any shifts that could signify changes in the price trend.

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Bear Market Buster 3 — THORChain (RUNE)

THORChain’s price has decreased by 1.92% in the last seven days, but over the last 30 days, it has seen an increase of 19.29%. Despite the short-term decrease, the overall 1-year change of 8.9% shows a positive growth trajectory. With its 1-year high at $1.95 and the current price at $1.75, RUNE is trading relatively high, reflecting investor confidence and potential for further growth.

Thorchain RUNE Price Analysis

RUNE — Technical Indicators

All short, medium, and long RUNE EMA indicators show an uptrend. The continuous uptrend in these indicators suggests a solid bullish momentum in its price. The SMA indicators also follow this trend, apart from the long SMA, which is in a downtrend, indicating possible resistance to growth in the long term.

The MACD is bullish for RUNE, which strongly indicates a continuing uptrend. This reinforces the assertion that the upward price movement will likely continue, assuming other favorable market conditions.

The ADX is indicating a strong trend. This further affirms the strength of the existing uptrend, signaling that the current upward trend is robust and has the potential to sustain.

Thorchain RUNE — Technical Indicators

RUNE — Momentum Indicators

The RSI for RUNE is neutral. This indicates that the asset is currently neither overbought nor oversold, presenting a stable situation. However, a sudden spike or drop in the RSI could hint at a potential change in price direction.

Stochastic Oscillator and Williams R
Both these indicators are neutral for RUNE, signaling neither overbought nor oversold conditions. This neutrality provides a stable ground but requires vigilant monitoring as changes in these indicators can imply potential price movement shifts.


In conclusion, THORChain (RUNE) displays a predominance of positive indicators that suggest a sustained uptrend. The bullish MACD and the strong ADX add to the robustness of this upward movement. Despite this, the neutral status of RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, and Williams R indicates investors need to monitor these indicators closely.

A sudden change could signify a potential shift in price trend, emphasizing the importance of continual assessment and vigilance in investment decisions. The absence of specific support and resistance data calls for careful observation of its yearly high and low, which may function as psychological barriers or cushions in price movement.

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