Change Your Trading Game: Profit Predictions Now at Your Fingertips!

If you thought we had pushed the boundaries of crypto trading as far as possible, think again! Our mission to empower crypto traders continues, and today, we are super excited to announce a cascade of upgrades that will revolutionize your trading experience.

A Seamless Mobile Experience

We’ve understood your need for on-the-go access to your trading signals. Hence, we’ve completely overhauled our mobile interface for a more intuitive, cleaner, and user-friendly browsing experience.

Whether you’re checking in for a quick update or deep-diving into analytics, navigating the world of trading signals has never been this smooth!

More Tokens for More Opportunities is always expanding, and so is the range of tokens we monitor!

We’ve added 20 more to our repertoire, raising the tally to a whopping 120 tokens! Remember, most signals for these tokens remain free, democratizing access to quality crypto trade signals. We will soon publish a detailed list of all tokens on our website. Stay tuned!

A Game-Changer: Profit Potential Calculation

Brace yourselves as we roll out the red carpet for the crowning jewel of our new features – the Profit Potential Calculation!

At, we’re always challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries; this time, we’ve truly outdone ourselves. Imagine being able to anticipate a trade’s potential outcome with every signal. We have made that a reality.

We automated calculating the nearest support and resistance for every token, allowing us to estimate each signal’s profit potential. We’ve brought a dose of foresight into your trading strategy!

Crypto Trading Signals

Of course, we understand the trading world isn’t always a bullseye. Our profit potential calculation may not be 100% accurate, but it offers a significant leap forward. It equips you with crucial insights into the potential outcomes of each trade, enabling you to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Available For Free

But here’s the real kicker – this groundbreaking feature, which could easily command premium pricing, is available across all our tiers, including the free tier! Moreover, the feature is available on our website and email alerts. On top of that, we will soon add it to our Telegram alerts!

You read it right! We’re breaking down the barriers and democratizing access to top-tier trading tools. When other platforms might be charging a fortune for such valuable insights, at, we stand by our mission of empowering every crypto enthusiast.

This is more than just a new feature – it’s an unprecedented leap in the crypto trading landscape. It’s our pride and joy, and we’re incredibly thrilled to share it with you. So experience the game-changing Profit Potential Calculation, and elevate your trading strategy to unparalleled heights!

This is what we believe in – making world-class trading tools accessible to all. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and redefine the norms of crypto trading!

Summing Up The Last Days!

With the addition of these innovative features, now brings you 4 potent signals (MACD crossover, RSI, EMA trend, EMA + RSI) for 120 tokens across 4 timeframes (1D, 1H, 15M, and 5M). Moreover, our email alerts, Telegram updates, and enhanced website platform ensure you’re never far from the pulse of the crypto market.

What’s Next?

We’ve got more under our sleeves! Our development team is working hard, preparing to roll out two new indicators linked to Bollinger Bands. These upcoming features will continue to elevate your trading experience, offering more tools for you to conquer the crypto markets.

At, we don’t just keep pace with the dynamic world of crypto; we aim to stay ahead, providing you with superior trading tools and knowledge. Stay tuned as we continue to break new ground in the world of crypto trading!

Stay tuned for our next exciting features as we continue on this journey. Our commitment to delivering the very best remains unwavering, and we are grateful for your continued trust and support. Here’s to a more empowered trading experience!

We analyze over 100 cryptocurrencies and send out MACD, RSI & EMA trade alerts.

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