COMP & AAVE Lead as Top Gainers, As PoW Variants Struggle

The cryptocurrency market is never static, but the events of the past 24 hours have been particularly striking. The decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens, notably Compound (COMP) and Aave (AAVE), have catapulted to the top gainers’ list, while several meme coins and Proof of Work (PoW) variants have found themselves among the day’s biggest losers.

Top Crypto Gainers

The DeFi realm has again proven to be a magnet for investor interest. Leading the charge is Compound (COMP), up a substantial 30.69%, with its price reaching $40.18. This DeFi lending protocol enables users to earn interest on their crypto assets, creating a significant buzz in the industry. Following closely behind is Aave (AAVE), with a gain of 24.37%, settling at a current price of $71.89. Like COMP, AAVE is a well-known name in the DeFi landscape, allowing users to lend and borrow cryptocurrency.

Next on the winner’s list is the elastic supply token Ampleforth (AMPL), which soared by 20.60% to $1.44. The token’s unique protocol, which automatically adjusts its supply in response to demand, seems to have caught the eye of investors.

ARPA (ARPA), Synthetix (SNX), and Waves (WAVES) followed closely with respectable gains of 19.11%, 18.03%, and 16.38%, respectively. The price of ARPA rose to $0.061, SNX to $2.29, and WAVES settled at $2.35.

In the latter part of the top gainer’s list, we have Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), Verge (XVG), Wrapped Kava (WKAVA), and Global Currency Reserve (GCR), which saw gains of 14.89%, 14.62%, 14.47%, and 12.69% respectively.

Top Crypto Gainers — Details

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
Compound COMP $40.18 30.69
Aave AAVE $71.89 24.37
Ampleforth AMPL $1.44 20.60
ARPA ARPA $0.061 19.11
Synthetix SNX $2.29 18.03
Waves WAVES $2.35 16.38
Bone ShibaSwap BONE $0.950 14.89
Verge XVG $0.0018 14.62
Wrapped Kava WKAVA $1.07 14.47
Global Currency Reserve GCR $0.292 12.69

Top Crypto Losers

Contrary to the gains observed in the DeFi sector, meme coins and PoW variants found themselves struggling over the last 24 hours. Vibing (VBG) took the biggest hit, falling by 15.10% to a price of $0.431.

The worst performer in the PoW variant category was EthereumPoW (ETHW), which dropped 4.90%, leading to a price of $2.10. This points to the ongoing debate about the energy consumption of PoW protocols and the shift of many investors toward Proof of Stake (PoS) systems.

Another casualty of the day was Milady Meme Coin (LADYS), which dipped by an alarming 12.98%. With its price now at a minuscule $5.36290e-08, this setback marks a significant departure from the meme coin mania that has occasionally swept the market.

Among the other notable losers were Threshold (T), NuCypher (NU), NvirWorld (NVIR), Cream Finance (CREAM), Golem (GLM), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Pepe (PEPE), with losses ranging from 4.71% to 8.61%.

Top Crypto Losers — Details

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
Pepe PEPE $1.58690e-06 -4.71
Bitcoin SV BSV $36.04 -4.89
EthereumPoW ETHW $2.10 -4.90
Golem GLM $0.194 -5.13
Cream Finance CREAM $35.09 -5.44
NvirWorld NVIR $0.029 -6.03
NuCypher NU $0.082 -6.99
Threshold T $0.024 -8.61
Milady Meme Coin LADYS $5.36290e-08 -12.98
Vibing VBG $0.431 -15.10


The average gain among the top ten gainers for the day was approximately 18.51%, while the average loss among the top ten losers was roughly 6.97%.

The disparity between the winners and losers in terms of percentage change reflects the volatile and speculative nature of the cryptocurrency market. Still, it also emphasizes the market’s shifting preference towards functional utility (as evidenced by the success of DeFi coins) over meme coins and energy-intensive PoW tokens.

Investors must remember that while the crypto-verse offers incredible opportunities for wealth creation, it is equally capable of rapid downturns. Therefore, thorough research, risk assessment, and diversification remain key to surviving and thriving in this digital arena.

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