300% in 24 hours — Here are the Crypto Gainers & Losers 18th June 2023

The volatility and dynamism of the crypto market are well-known. The last 24 hours on June 18, 2023, were no exception, as various cryptocurrencies observed dramatic fluctuations. Here’s an analysis of this period’s top 10 gainers and losers.

Top Crypto Gainers 18th June 2023

The most remarkable gainer in the past 24 hours is ARAW (ARAW), which experienced a staggering 300.54% increase in its price. Such a dramatic jump might be due to favorable market sentiment, a sudden increase in demand, or positive news about the project.

Metacraft (MCT) and Forta (FORT) followed, posting respectable gains of 46.06% and 26.19%, respectively. The uptrend in their prices suggests positive market reactions, perhaps influenced by recent developments in their projects or wider industry trends.

Secret (SCRT), Vibing (VBG), and Moonbeam (GLMR) saw their prices rise by 21.32%, 17.12%, and 11.95%, respectively. The uptick in these cryptocurrencies could be tied to positive developments within their projects or broader industry factors.

Rounding up the list of top gainers are Meter Governance (MTRG), Cannation (CNNC), Measurable Data Token (MDT), and Solar (SXP), with gains ranging from 7.55% to 11.61%. These performances suggest a mix of factors, including overall market sentiment and project-specific updates.

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
ARAW ARAW 0.0188 300.54
Metacraft MCT 0.774 46.06
Forta FORT 0.149 26.18
Secret SCRT 0.374 21.32
Vibing VBG 0.481 17.11
Moonbeam GLMR 0.25 11.95
Meter Governance MTRG 2.0286 11.60
Cannation CNNC 17.08 9.70
Measurable Data Token MDT 0.040915 7.89
Solar SXP 0.352 7.54

Top Crypto Losers 18th June 2023

On the other end of the spectrum, AVINOC (AVINOC) led the list of losers with a significant 30.95% drop. Such a sharp fall could be attributed to a mix of factors such as negative market sentiment, unfavorable news, or a sudden decrease in demand.

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) and Bubblefong (BBF) experienced losses of 22.53% and 17.62%, respectively. These price drops could be due to various factors, including broader market conditions or specific project challenges.

Acala Token (ACA), HEX (HEX), and TomoChain (TOMO) saw declines in the range of 12.71% to 14.43%. Their decline could reflect broader industry factors or specific news related to the projects.

Completing the list of top losers were Global Currency Reserve (GCR), Chainbing (CBG), Escroco Emerald (ESCE), and IDEX (IDEX), with declines ranging from 9.64% to 11.04%. These losses underscore the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
IDEX IDEX .0.541 -9.63
Escroco Emerald ESCE 0.0287 -10.54
Chainbing CBG 0.9705 -10.89
Global Currency Reserve GCR 0.2993 -11.03
TomoChain TOMO 1.255 -12.71
HEX HEX 0.00976 -13.63
Acala Token ACA 0.03943 -14.43
Bubblefong BBF 0.2255 -17.61
Milady Meme Coin LADYS 4.522219e-08 -22.53
AVINOC AVINOC 0.1063 -30.94

Crypto Gainers & Losers — Wrap-Up

The past 24 hours in the crypto market highlight the sector’s volatility and dynamism, with some cryptocurrencies experiencing substantial gains and others suffering considerable losses. Remember, cryptocurrency investment carries significant risk due to its inherent volatility, and it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and consider your risk tolerance before diving in.

This list merely offers a snapshot of a day’s performance, not a predictor of future results. Stay informed and invest wisely!

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