Daily Trading Snapshot – 14 SEP 2023: We Are Back Trading

Hello crypto traders,

After the stellar performance on Sunday and a quieter pace during the week, our bot is back in action. Today might not have been its most glorious day, but it managed to stay in the green. Out of five trades, the bot secured two positive outcomes. We remain hopeful for more consistent days ahead.

Bot Performance

  • Profit: +1.55%
  • Trades: 5
  • PulseCheck Risk Level: 100

Top Trades

  1. BCH
    This trade showcased the bot’s ability to capitalize on longer-term market shifts. With a duration of over a day, it’s evident that patience and the right strategy can yield significant rewards.
    • Direction: Long
    • Timeframe: 1D
    • Duration: 37:21
    • Profit Percentage: 8.36%
  2. UNI
    A testament to the bot’s agility, this trade leveraged the Hyper Scalper strategy to secure a quick win in a volatile market.
    • Direction: Long
    • Timeframe: 15M
    • Duration: 3:00
    • Profit Percentage: 0.23%
  3. UNI
    While this trade didn’t turn out as expected, it highlights the importance of diversification in our strategies. Even in an unpredictable market, our bot’s approach ensures that losses are kept at a minimum.
    • Direction: Short
    • Timeframe: 1H
    • Duration: 20:51
    • Profit Percentage: -1.94%


While today’s performance showcased a mix of results, it’s evident that our bot’s strategies prioritize minimizing losses and capitalizing on market opportunities. As the crypto market remains unpredictable, it’s always vital to adapt and adjust. We’re optimistic about the coming days and will continue to keep you updated.

Trade Confidently with CryptoKnowledge

In the vast sea of the crypto trading world, it’s crucial to have a navigator you can trust. Our bot, with its PulseCheck feature, ensures that every trade decision is backed by comprehensive market analysis. While the crypto tides may shift, with CryptoKnowledge, you’re always equipped to sail confidently.

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