Daily Trading Snapshot – 17 SEP 2023: We Are Back Trading

Hello crypto traders,

After taking a three-day hiatus, our bot has made a comeback. Sometimes, the best decision in the trading world is to sit back and wait for the right opportunity. The market conditions over the past few days didn’t present the ideal environment for trading. However, today was different. The bot identified five potential trades and executed them, resulting in a cumulative profit of 2.25%. A great way to end the week and set the stage for a new week of trading ahead.

Overall Performance

  • Profit: +2.25%
  • Trades: 5
  • PulseCheck Risk Level: 100

Top Trades

  1. HBAR
    Successfully capitalizing on a short-term downtrend, this trade was a clear winner.
    • Direction: Short
    • Timeframe: 1H
    • Duration: 84:33
    • Profit Percentage: 3.75%
  2. XMR
    Making use of the RSI, this trade identified a potential upward price movement in a short timeframe.
    • Direction: Long
    • Timeframe: 15M
    • Duration: 10:02
    • Profit Percentage: 0.5%
  3. ZEC
    Another quick win, this time taking advantage of a minor price dip in the market.
    • Direction: Short
    • Timeframe: 15M
    • Duration: 2:27
    • Profit Percentage: 0.31%

Despite the overall positive outcome, it’s crucial to acknowledge the trades that didn’t pan out. Both the SOL and VET trades resulted in losses, but they serve as reminders that trading always comes with risks. It’s about the overall strategy and long-term gains rather than individual trade outcomes.


The crypto market is ever-evolving, and while some days may be slow, others can be incredibly active. Our bot’s ability to discern when to trade and when to wait exemplifies the importance of patience and strategy in the trading realm. Here’s to more days of profitable trades and continuous learning.

Trade Confidently with CryptoKnowledge

In the intricate world of crypto trading, every decision counts. With our bot’s PulseCheck feature and comprehensive market analysis, we aim to give traders the best possible edge. Navigate the tumultuous crypto seas with confidence and expertise, always backed by CryptoKnowledge.

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