Daily Trading Snapshot – 19 SEP 2023: Risk Equals Profit

Hello crypto traders,

For those who dared to take a leap of faith, success was waiting. On a day where many would have opted for a conservative approach, our bot stood out. By daring to venture at the PulseCheck Risk Level 100, we secured a whopping 19.26% profit from just four trades. As we relish this success, we can’t help but hope the coming days offer us a mix of safety and opportunity.

Overall Bot Performance

  • Profit: +19.26%
  • Trades: 4
  • PulseCheck Risk Level: 100

Top Trades


Taking the plunge with ATOM turned out to be one of our smartest decisions.

  • Direction: Long
  • Timeframe: 1D
  • Duration: 321:04
  • Profit Percentage: 10.9%


Our trust in AAVE was rewarded with a solid uptrend.

  • Direction: Long
  • Timeframe: 1D
  • Duration: 536:56
  • Profit Percentage: 9.28%


EGLD didn’t disappoint, showing a favorable outcome in a short span.

  • Direction: Long
  • Timeframe: 1H
  • Duration: 4:52
  • Profit Percentage: 1.08%


With the market’s ever-evolving dynamics, it’s hard to predict its next move. What we can assure you is our commitment to remain vigilant, adaptive, and always on the lookout for the next best opportunity. Here’s to hoping for a blend of high-reward opportunities and safe bets in the days to come.

Trade Confidently With CryptoKnowledge

In the world of crypto trading, information is power, and decision-making is key. At CryptoKnowledge, our aim has always been to provide you with the best possible insights, empowering you to make informed trading decisions. Our trading bot is designed with an intricate understanding of market nuances, ensuring that even on challenging days, our strategies prioritize your success. Remember, the crypto journey is not just about the destination; it’s about trading with knowledge, precision, and confidence every step of the way.

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