Crypto Trading Bot Report – August 19, 2023: All About Protecting the Gains!

Hello, crypto trailblazers!

August 19 was a relatively quiet day in the crypto market. On such days, our Crypto Trading Bot did exactly the right thing: safeguarding and optimizing. Today was more about consolidation and ensuring we secure our recent gains. FIL, WAVES, and XTZ stayed consistent and reigned supreme. Here’s a breakdown:

Overall Bot Performance – August 19, 2023

  • Total Profit: +1.64%
  • Number of Trades: 14

Top Trades

FIL (15M Timeframe)

FIL maintained its stride, securing a gain of 3.3%. A smooth 38-minute trade that showcases the bot’s steady-hand approach.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry: $3.44
  • Duration: 0:38
  • Profit: 3.3%

WAVES (15M Timeframe)

WAVES kept its cool, bringing in a 2.75% profit. A testament to the bot’s precision in a 32-minute window.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry: $1.48
  • Duration: 0:32
  • Profit: 2.75%

XTZ (15M Timeframe)

XTZ’s subtle movements earned it a 2.33% profit, proving that even on quieter days, there’s potential.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry: $0.688
  • Duration: 0:34
  • Profit: 2.33%

Best Performing Coins

  • FIL: 3.3% (1 trade)
  • XTZ: 2.9% (2 trades)
  • WAVES: 1.81% (2 trades)

Crypto isn’t just about those intense high-stake days; it’s also about understanding the quieter moments, recognizing patterns, and being ready for the next big move. Dive deeper with the CryptoKnowledge Platform.

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Stay steady, keep your vision clear, and remember: the crypto journey is a marathon, not a sprint! 🌍🔥

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