Monthly Trading Snapshot – SEP 2023: Start of Golden Fall?

Hello crypto traders,

As we wave goodbye to an exciting month of trading, it’s time to unveil the numbers that defined our journey. September saw our trading bot navigating the turbulent waters of the crypto market with grace, armed with the PulseCheck feature. This powerful tool continued its streak of validating trades across 17 different trading indicators, ensuring we not only maximized profits but also minimized losses.

In the month where precision and adaptability were key, our bot demonstrated an impressive performance, particularly at PC Risk 60, where it garnered a whopping 74.13% profit from 88 trades. However, it was not all smooth sailing, as evidenced by the 83.78% loss at PC Risk 100. Below, we dissect these numbers, offering insights into the nuances of the bot’s monthly performance.

Overall Bot Performance

A glance at the performance table reveals a month characterized by highs and lows. At PC Risk 60, the bot exhibited stellar performance, securing a 74.13% profit from 88 trades. This remarkable achievement underscores the bot’s capability to optimize trade selection and execution, even in a market teeming with volatility.

However, a contrasting narrative unfolds at PC Risk 100, where a -83.78% profit paints a picture of the inherent risks associated with high-risk trading, further accentuating the essential role of the PulseCheck feature in mitigating losses.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Profit (%)2,8516,2314,4214,6816,5974,1360,3730,530,21-83,78-69,93

Top Indicator of the Week

The MACD indicator reigned supreme this month, especially prominent at PC Risk 60 with a 63.9% profit. Despite this, it faced challenges at PC Risk 100, marking a -27.74% downturn. The RSI and EMA indicators, though not as illustrious, played their roles, contributing to the overall trading narrative and showcasing the diverse trading ecosystem.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Hyper Scalper03,873,873,874,14,14,864,084,0813,94-17,05

Top Timeframe of the Week

The 1-day timeframe emerged as a beacon of profitability, especially at PC Risk 60, boasting a 72.5% profit. However, it tumbled at PC Risk 100 to a -49.97% loss. This fluctuation underscores the dynamic nature of crypto trading, where timeframes can be both allies and adversaries, depending on the prevailing market conditions.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No

Top Market Cap of the Week

Class #2 market cap witnessed an impressive run at PC Risk 60, notching a 20.52% profit, but the narrative shifts at PC Risk 100, where Class #4 plummeted to a -102.2% loss. These fluctuations are a testament to the volatile yet opportunistic nature of the crypto space.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Class #108,728,729,358,2221,4823,997,146,788,0916,14
Class #2-1,92-6,83-6,832,454,2820,5220,5220,5220,5216,7750,56
Class #3000009,24-0,338,138,1321,054,73
Class #43,5819,8521,1421,5621,5633,7834,548,8410,61-102,2-80,82


October promises another roller-coaster ride in the crypto trading arena. Armed with insights from September’s performance, we anticipate a focus on mid-risk levels, where the bot has historically demonstrated resilience and profitability. The fluctuating performance at higher risk levels underscores the need for a balanced approach, combining both aggressive and conservative strategies to optimize gains while mitigating losses.

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September was a testament to the bot’s adaptability and the robustness of the PulseCheck feature. As we step into October, armed with the lessons and insights garnered, we’re not just riding the waves—we’re mastering them. Every peak and trough offers invaluable insights, and with CryptoKnowledge, you’re always a step ahead. Navigate the crypto landscape with confidence, precision, and strategic insight, and let’s chart a course towards continued success together.

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