Weekly Trading Snapshot – Week 36, 2023: Another Stellar Week!

Hello crypto traders,

While the past week may not have buzzed with the usual frenetic activity we’ve grown accustomed to, it was by no means a quiet one for our trading bot. The week was characterized by the calm and composed approach our bot adopted, leveraging the power of the PulseCheck feature. With the capability to cross-check trades across a massive spectrum of 17 distinct trading indicators, PulseCheck ensured that even in a less active market, we not only secured profits but also shielded them from potential downturns.

What stood out remarkably was the bot’s patient strategy on the 1-day timeframe. After a prolonged period of anticipation, the bot swooped in to lock in significant profits, proving yet again the virtue of patience in trading. Ready to delve deeper? Let’s unpack the week’s trading data, examining every nuance and detail of our bot’s performance.

Overall Bot Performance

Diving into the bot’s performance, the week was marked by a diverse range of results across the PulseCheck Risk Levels. The bot achieved an impressive 33.49% profit at a Risk Level of 100 from 16 trades – being a risk-taker payed off this week. Without the PulseCheck feature activated however, we are looking at loss of -15.37%, once again proving the power of our standout functionality.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Profit (%)-1,06-1,06-1,0615,7515,7517,5417,5416,7626,6233,49-15,37

Top Indicator of the Week

Diving into the indicators, the RSI indicator clearly stood out this week, boasting a stellar 17.92% profit across almost all PulseCheck Risk Levels. This underscores the efficacy of the RSI in this week’s market dynamics.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Hyper Scalper-2,91-2,91-2,91-2,91-2,91-4-4-45,865,865,17

Top Timeframe of the Week

The 1-day timeframe was particularly impressive this week, especially at the PC Risk 90 and 80 levels. It emphasizes the advantage of longer duration analysis for certain trades in this week’s conditions.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No

Top Market Cap of the Week

The Class #2 Market Cap shined this week, especially with a significant 21.84% profit at the PC Risk 80 level, demonstrating the influence of mid-cap coins on trading performance.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Class #1-2,04-2,04-2,04-0,84-0,84-0,84-0,840,150,150,15-9,42
Class #20,980,980,9818,0118,0121,8421,8421,8421,8421,8413,88
Class #3000-1,42-1,42-2,37-2,37-4,14-4,14-4,14-1,91
Class #400000-1,09-1,09-1,098,7715,64-17,92

A Week of Precision and Protection

The past week, though less intense in terms of trade volume, was a testament to the robustness of our trading strategy. The bot’s ability to adapt, driven by the PulseCheck feature, manifested in its performance across different risk levels. The adept filtering of trades, especially with the invaluable cross-referencing across 17 trading indicators, allowed us to cherry-pick the most promising trades. A notable highlight was the sizable profits reaped from the 1-day timeframe trades, reminding us that sometimes, good things indeed come to those who wait.

Looking Ahead: Navigating the Crypto Seas with Confidence

As we gear up for the coming week, the lessons from the past week provide valuable insights. The importance of patience, the value of strategic waiting, and the benefits of a multi-indicator approach have all been underscored. While the crypto market’s volatility is a given, our bot’s resilience and adaptability position us well to navigate any storms that may come our way. With the PulseCheck feature at the helm, we’re confident in our ability to continue identifying profitable trades while minimizing risks.

Remember, in the dynamic world of crypto trading, it’s not just about riding the waves but doing so with precision, strategy, and confidence. And that’s precisely what CryptoKnowledge offers.

Trade Confidently with CryptoKnowledge

In the intricate dance of crypto trading, every move counts. CryptoKnowledge stands as your steadfast partner, guiding each step with precision and insight. Powered by innovative tools and comprehensive insights, our platform is designed to supercharge your crypto trading endeavors. With our trading bot’s proven track record, the future of profitable trading is within your grasp. Embrace it, and let’s chart a course towards continued success together.

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