Weekly Trading Snapshot – Week 37, 2023: Solid Profits Once Again

Hello crypto traders,

In a market characterized by its unpredictable nature, our trading bot’s performance this past week stood out, proving its worth in gold. With a stellar 35.68% profit across the PC Risk levels of 70, 80, and 90, it’s evident that a meticulously calibrated risk appetite can yield significant dividends. However, the downside of this with the -41.44% with no PulseCheck underscores the essential value the feature brings into our trading strategy. This week, the RSI indicator shone brightly, registering a 33.38% profit across the mid to high risk spectrum, a testament to its reliability in the current market dynamics. Let’s dive deeper into the week’s performance and glean insights from the nuanced data.

Overall Bot Performance

The past week was a prime example of why risk management, using a tool like PulseCheck, is essential. While the bot exhibited outstanding performance across most PulseCheck Risk Levels, the variance in outcomes was evident. The 35.68% profit across PC Risk levels of 70, 80, and 90 is particularly commendable. This emphasizes that, in the right market conditions, a higher risk appetite can yield substantial rewards. However, it’s imperative to note that without the safety net of the PulseCheck, the week would have ended at a substantial loss of 41.44%. This juxtaposition serves as a clear reminder of the significance of our bot’s protective features.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Profit (%)22,07  22,07  22,07  24,49  24,49  35,37  35,37  35,68  35,68  35,68  -41,44  

Top Indicator of the Week

The indicators, as always, provided illuminating insights into the market’s pulse. The RSI indicator emerged as the week’s star, not only for its impressive profitability but for its consistency across multiple PC Risk Levels. Achieving a 33.38% profit from PC Risk 50 to PC Risk 90, the RSI underscored its reliability in the current market dynamics. The MACD too, with its steady performance, especially at the lower risk levels, underlines its value in the bot’s strategic arsenal.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Hyper Scalper00000000004,1

Top Timeframe of the Week

Timeframes offer a unique lens to view and anticipate market movements. This week, the 1-day timeframe was the dark horse, especially at the higher risk levels. Its peak performance of 31.89% profit from PC Risk 50 to PC Risk 90 showcases the potential of longer-duration analysis, especially when the market hints at significant movements. On the other hand, the 1-hour timeframe, though not as stellar as the 1-day, held its ground, proving its mettle particularly at the lower risk levels.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No

Top Market Cap of the Week

Diverse market caps cater to different trader appetites, and this week the Class #1 Market Cap stood out. Demonstrating a consistent performance across almost all PulseCheck Risk Levels and a commendable 16.76% profit without the PulseCheck feature, it’s evident that leading cryptocurrencies played a significant role in the week’s trading dynamics. Mid-cap coins, represented by the Class #2 Market Cap, also showed their worth, particularly in the mid to high-risk levels, reinforcing the idea that diversification in a crypto portfolio can be a prudent strategy.

 PC Risk 10PC Risk 20PC Risk 30PC Risk 40PC Risk 50PC Risk 60PC Risk 70PC Risk 80PC Risk 90PC Risk 100No
Class #112,4212,4212,4212,4212,4210,110,110,110,110,116,76
Class #200012,2912,2925,4925,4925,825,825,823,67
Class #300015,6815,6815,6815,6815,6815,6815,68-2,17
Class #49,659,659,65-15,9-15,9-15,9-15,9-15,9-15,9-15,9-79,7


In reflection, this week epitomized the power of data-driven decision-making. The 35.68% profit peak, the resilience of the RSI indicator, and the strategic insights offered by the 1-day timeframe are invaluable takeaways. As we prepare for the next week, these data points provide a roadmap. The market’s volatility will invariably present challenges, but armed with this week’s insights, we are better equipped to navigate them. In the world of crypto trading, it’s not just about the journey but ensuring that journey is backed by strategy, precision, and confidence. With CryptoKnowledge, that’s a guarantee.


Drawing from the recent week’s performance, several factors seem poised to influence the upcoming trading days. The stellar 35.68% profit observed across the PC Risk levels of 70, 80, and 90 suggests a potential continuation of positive trends, especially if market conditions remain favorable. The reliability of the RSI indicator, which registered a significant 33.38% profit, might play a pivotal role in the next week’s trading strategies. However, traders should tread with caution, considering the stark -41.44% in the ‘No PC’ segment, reminding us of the inherent volatility in the crypto landscape. If the past week serves as an indicator, a diversified approach, leveraging insights from both the 1-day and 1-hour timeframes, could be beneficial. The dominance of Class #1 in the Market Cap might hint at mainstream cryptocurrencies taking the lead once again, but with the crypto market’s ever-changing dynamics, it’s essential to stay agile and informed.

Trade Confidently With CryptoKnowledge

In the intricate and often unpredictable world of cryptocurrency trading, the consistent performance and adaptability demonstrated by CryptoKnowledge stand as a testament to its robust design and strategic foresight. Our platform is not just about algorithms and data; it’s about understanding the market’s pulse and translating that knowledge into actionable insights. Leveraging standout features such as the PulseCheck function, CryptoKnowledge ensures that traders are not just riding the crypto wave, but doing so with precision, strategy, and intelligence. As we reflect on the week’s performance and look ahead, it’s evident that with CryptoKnowledge by your side, you’re not just trading — you’re crafting a legacy of informed decisions and rewarding outcomes. Trust in our expertise, and let’s continue this journey to crypto excellence together.

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