Crypto: Winners and Losers On 17th July 2023

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and the potential for significant gains (or losses). Yesterday’s market movement was no different. Here’s an in-depth look at the biggest winners and losers.

Top 10 Crypto Winners

Symbol Latest Price PCT Change
LINK $7.27 8.76%
NANO $2.22 8.30%
BLZ $0.061 6.60%
ICX $0.238 5.98%
BTT $0.0028 5.85%
GXS $1.79 5.44%
STORM $0.0034 5.31%
AST $0.110 5.25%
GTC $1.06 4.80%
DENT $0.0008 4.33%

Crypto Winner Highlights

Chainlink (LINK) at the Top

Chainlink (LINK) took the lead yesterday, with its price rising to $7.27, a commendable increase of 8.76%. LINK has been experiencing a resurgence as more DeFi applications continue leveraging its oracle services for price feeds. The upward trajectory indicates renewed interest and investment in LINK, promising a bullish trend.

NANO Races Forward

The digital payment protocol NANO wasn’t far behind. A gain of 8.30% saw it finish the day at a respectable $2.22. The spike could be attributed to its instant transfer and zero-fee promise, which seem increasingly appealing to investors.

BLZ and ICX Join the Club

BLZ, the native token of the Bluzelle platform, also had a good day, with a 6.60% increase to end at $0.061. The ICX token of the ICON project, also had a positive run, rising by 5.98% to $0.238. Both projects have gradually gained traction, proving that their ecosystems continue engaging and attracting users.

Other Notable Gainers

BitTorrent (BTT), GXChain (GXS), StormX (STORM), AirSwap (AST), (GTC), and Dent (DENT) also showed appreciable gains. BTT rose 5.85% to hit $0.0028, while GXS, STORM, AST, GTC, and DENT rose by 5.44%, 5.31%, 5.25%, 4.80%, and 4.33%, respectively.

Top 10 Crypto Losers

Crypto Losers Highlights

ANC Takes a Tumble

Anchor Protocol (ANC) had a rough day, dropping by 12.96% to $0.032. Despite the tumble, investors may view this as a good entry point for the long-term potential of the Anchor ecosystem.

AdEx (ADX) Loses Ground

AdEx (ADX) wasn’t far behind in the dip, losing 7.94% to finish at $0.147. AdEx’s decentralized advertising network is a novel concept, but the fall could signal investors’ lack of confidence.

QuickSwap (QUICK) Slows Down

QuickSwap (QUICK) slowed by 5.10%, ending the day at $74.20. As a fork of Uniswap running on the Matic Network, the decreased price might indicate the fluctuating confidence in layer-2 solutions.

Other Notable Losers

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Status (SNT), Solana (SOL), District0x (DNT), AAVE, FunFair (FUN), and Aave’s previous token (LEND) also took some hits. BCH fell 3.20% to $237.10, SNT 2.36% to $0.025, and SOL 2.26% to $25.86. Meanwhile, DNT, AAVE, FUN, and LEND fell by 2.25%, 2.19%, 2.00%, and 1.71%, respectively.

Wrapping Up

While some tokens demonstrated an upswing, others weren’t so fortunate. But as is the nature of the crypto market, today’s loser could be tomorrow’s winner, and vice versa. Therefore, keeping a close eye on these movements is crucial to make informed decisions. As the cryptocurrency market matures, every swing brings lessons, opportunities, and risks invaluable to investors and enthusiasts.

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