Cryptocurrency Market Daily Recap: The Winners and Losers on June 26, 2023

As every day, we take a look at the most impressive crypto gainers and losers of the last 24 hours. Without exaggerating, we can say that today’s results are somehow surprising. The shown results are based on data from June 25th, 9 AM, and June 26th, 9 AM. So let’s get right into it!

Today’s Top Crypto Gainers


  1. Biswap (BSW) had an impressive day, leading the gainers with a 34.49% surge and a closing price of $0.128. This marks a strong recovery from its 2% loss yesterday.
  2. Serum (SRM) ended the day on a high note, too, with a 21.10% increase, a significant leap from yesterday’s 0.23% decrease, closing at $0.123.
  3. Pendle (PENDLE) was not far behind, with a rise of 19.50% to close at $0.762, contrasting its 1.6% decline yesterday.
  4. Other notable gainers include NEST Protocol (NEST), with a 15.79% jump, AVINOC (AVINOC), gaining 12.80%, and FLEX (FLEX), rising by 12.07%.

Detailed Data

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
Biswap BSW $0.128 34.49
Serum SRM $0.123 21.10
Pendle PENDLE $0.762 19.50
NEST Protocol NEST $0.013 15.79
AVINOC AVINOC $0.150 12.80
FLEX FLEX $3.46 12.07
Nakamoto Games NAKA $0.426 11.78
Voyager Token VGX $0.136 11.16
Centurion CNT $0.982 11.12
ONUS ONUS $1.02 10.43

Today’s Top Crypto Losers


  1. Vibing (VBG) suffered the biggest drop, declining by 16.99% to close at $0.377, extending its losses from yesterday’s 15.10% fall.
  2. Compound (COMP) had a hard fall, down 12.43% to close at $36.10. This is a significant turnaround from yesterday when it was the day’s top gainer with a 30.69% surge.
  3. Waves (WAVES), another of yesterday’s gainers with a 16.38% rise, didn’t fare well today either, losing 12.05% to end the day at $2.03.
  4. Other notable losses were seen in Aave (AAVE), down 11.01%, and ABBC Coin (ABBC), decreasing by 9.66%.

Detailed Data

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
Gods Unchained GODS $0.158 -8.09
Clash of Lilliput COL $0.733 -8.35
Synthetix SNX $2.14 -8.70
Kyber Network Crystal v2 KNC $0.564 -9.02
Milady Meme Coin LADYS $4.89920e-08 -9.03
ABBC Coin ABBC $0.079 -9.66
Aave AAVE $64.93 -11.01
Waves WAVES $2.03 -12.05
Compound COMP $36.10 -12.43
Vibing VBG $0.377 -16.99


The market displayed high volatility, with significant shifts among the top performers. Yesterday’s top gainer, Compound (COMP), became one of today’s biggest losers, highlighting the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the crypto market.

Moreover, the coins that faced declines yesterday, such as Biswap (BSW) and Serum (SRM), made a strong comeback today, demonstrating that every day brings new opportunities in this rapidly evolving market.

As always, while the potential for profit exists, these significant fluctuations also underscore the risk and uncertainty inherent in the crypto market. Thus, potential investors should approach cautiously and do their due diligence before jumping in. Stay tuned for more daily recaps as we navigate this exhilarating crypto journey together.

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