CryptoKnowledge Announces Groundbreaking Update to its App: “Hagbard” Release Promises New UI & Trading Bot Dimensions

In an era where technology intersects with financial knowledge, CryptoKnowledge is setting new industry standards. Today, we are beyond thrilled to announce our major app update, codenamed “Hagbard”, to be released on Wednesday, 23rd August.

Derived from meticulous user feedback and the brand’s innovative vision, the Hagbard Release encompasses not just superficial changes, but a genuine evolution in how users interface with the digital financial world.

Here are some details about this groundbreaking release.

Introducing a Revitalized, Cutting-Edge User Interface

From the moment users open the app, they’ll be greeted with a fully revamped UI. This new design is not just about aesthetics but functionality, boasting a more intuitive, engaging, and simplified user experience.

“We envisioned a platform where our users would not only seek information but genuinely enjoy the experience,” said Benjamin, Founder of, and with the Hagbard Release, we believe we’ve achieved that.”

But it’s not just about looks. Embedded within this sleek design are innovative tools like the Signal Timeline — a dynamic visual display updating in real-time, showing the freshest trading signals in the market.

Here’s a preview of what we’ve been cooking:

Trading Bot 2.0: A Pinnacle of Refinement

The “Hagbard” update is setting a new benchmark in the realm of crypto trading. We’re not just adding Binance as a platform; we’re embracing a global trading behemoth. What this signifies for you? More markets, more opportunities, and a broader spectrum to leverage. But we didn’t stop there.

The revamped bot now champions flexibility. Whether you wish to strategize trades based on specific amounts, or tweak asset share allocations, the control is firmly in your hands. Ease-of-use remains our mantra.

With the roll-out of pre-defined asset classes, choosing the right tokens is a breeze.

Dive deeper and you’ll encounter the groundbreaking risk-level feature, empowering you to calibrate trades with precision, aligning with your risk appetite.

Welcome to the new age of intelligent, user-centric trading.Diving deeper, users will discover a notably enhanced Trading Bot 2.0. Recognizing the value of flexibility in crypto trading, CryptoKnowledge introduces:

Strengthened Foundations

Behind the scenes, we’ve been dedicating countless hours to enhancing the app’s backend infrastructure. The fruit of this labor promises users a more stable, agile, and swift app—exemplified in quicker signal detection and bot execution.

In a heartfelt note, Benjamin conveyed, “This update is a testament to our commitment to our community. We’ve always believed in the fusion of technology with a personal touch, and the Hagbard Release is that vision coming to life. As we eagerly await Wednesday’s launch, our biggest hope is that our community finds as much joy using it as we found creating it.”

CryptoKnowledge invites both existing and new users to explore the app’s next chapter on Wednesday, and share their feedback, helping to sculpt the app’s future in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

Come Wednesday, we can’t wait for you to dive in, explore, and share your feedback. At the end of the day, it’s not just about creating a tool; it’s about building a community and crafting experiences. And remember, this is just the beginning. We’ve got a lot more up our sleeves.

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