Daily Trading Snapshot – August 17, 2023: ETH, BNB, and IOTX Shine Through!

Hello, crypto traders,

August 17’s crypto landscape was a tempestuous one, with coins like ETH, BNB, and IOTX leaving their mark. Amidst the storm, our Crypto Trading Bot stood resilient. With the PulseCheck feature in action, we were able to curtail the fallout, using its 17-indicator validation to safeguard our moves. Today, the PulseCheck Level 70 was the hero we needed, filtering trades to mitigate risks and optimize returns. Without PulseCheck? We would’ve been looking at a staggering -23.3% on the day. Ouch.

Overall Bot Performance – August 17, 2023

Total Profit: -0.1%
Number of Trades: 4
PulseCheck Level: 70
Potential Loss without PulseCheck: -23.3%

Top Trades

ETH (1H Timeframe)

Ethereum, the titan of the crypto world, never ceases to amaze. With a precise short strategy, the bot managed to grab a 0.88% profit in a brief 2-hour window. It’s days like these that emphasize the importance of having the right tools in your arsenal.

  • Direction: Short
  • Entry: $1789.94
  • Duration: 2:12
  • Profit: 0.88%

BNB (15M Timeframe)

BNB showed its versatility with a short yet effective long play. Clocking in a 0.17% profit in just over an hour, it’s a reminder of how the fast-paced crypto world rewards the vigilant.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry: $231.20
  • Duration: 1:04
  • Profit: 0.17%

ETC (15M Timeframe)

ETC’s journey today was a bit rocky, showcasing the inherent risks of the market. While the trade wasn’t in our favor, it’s a lesson in resilience and the need to always be prepared.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry: $16.33
  • Duration: 8:27
  • Profit: -0.49%

Best Performing Coins

The day’s narrative was dominated by IOTX, ETH, and BNB, painting a picture of opportunity, hustle, and resilience.

  • IOTX: 0.99%
  • ETH: 0.88%
  • BNB: 0.17%

Trade with Confidence Using CryptoKnowledge

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Stay fierce, stay informed, and always be ready to roll with the punches! 🚀

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