Daily Trading Snapshot – August 14, 2023: NBT, ENJ, and BAND Rise, But BLZ Hurt us!

Hey, crypto warriors!

August 14 threw us some fastballs and curveballs. While we rode high on trades like NBT, ENJ, and BAND, one a particularly challenging BLZ trade affected our stride (-10.5%). Our Crypto Trading Bot wrapped up the day with an overall -16.2% over 173 trades. But remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback!

Overall Bot Performance – August 14, 2023

  • Overall Profit: -16.2%
  • Number of Trades: 173
  • Market Direction: Short

A quick heads-up: While we had some solid wins, the overall performance took a hit, largely due to a rough trade with BLZ. But here’s the thing about crypto: it’s full of surprises and opportunities. We learn, adapt, and keep pushing.

Top Trades

NBT (15M Timeframe)

NBT was the day’s superstar! Our Crypto Trading Bot was on point, securing a 3.35% profit in under 3 hours.

  • Direction: Short
  • Entry: $0.00279
  • Duration: 2:40
  • Profit: 3.35%

ENJ (15M Timeframe)

ENJ showed its might, with a profitable short trade, netting a solid 2.45% gain.

  • Direction: Short
  • Entry: $0.2968
  • Duration: 23:19
  • Profit: 2.45%

BAND (15M Timeframe)

BAND stepped into the limelight, pulling in a respectable 1.73% profit.

  • Direction: Short
  • Entry: $1.19
  • Duration: 3:52
  • Profit: 1.73%

Best Performing Coins

Shoutout to DENT, NBT, and BAND for setting the pace!

  • DENT: 4.18% (3 trades)
  • NBT: 3.35% (1 trade)
  • BAND: 3.18% (2 trades)

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Stay hungry, keep pushing, and always be ready to seize the moment. Onward and upward! 🚀

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