Dogecoin (DOGE) Backtest Report (15+ Trading Signals)

With today’s report, we focus on DOGE and provide an extensive Dogecoin Backtest analysis. We’ve checked more than 15 trading signals that range from simple technical indicators to sophisticated trading strategies. For each of them, we performed a detailed backtest process and checked Dogecoin’s data of the last three years.

On top of that, we analyzed different chart timeframes. Accordingly, we processed the Dogecoin backtest on the daily, hourly, and 15-minute chart timeframe.

So get ready to dive into extensive data, thoroughly assessed results, and valuable insights.

A Quick Summary

If you don’t have time to read through the complete Dogecoin Backtest Report, we put together a quick summary.

Hyper Scalper Most Successful Strategy
The Hyper Scalper trading strategy shows an exceptional success rate for all analyzed timeframes. Although the number of trades on the daily chart is low, it might be worse considering this strategy.

Timeframe Not As Essential As Expected
When we started working on the Dogecoin Backtest Report, we expected huge differences between the timeframes. More precisely, we expected better results in the long-term timeframe and worse results in the lower timeframe. However, the difference between the timeframes is definitely not as significant as expected.

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Dogecoin Backtest Report — Tradings Strategies & Signals — Daily Chart

Here are the key takeaways from the daily chart:

  • Overall, six trading signals achieved a success rate of more than 70%
  • Trading the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) seems to be one of the most reliable signals for Dogecoin. Five out of the top six trading signals are based on the EMA.
  • The Relative Strength Index (RSI) was one of the worst-performing indicators, with results below 50% or even 40% and 30%.
SignalDetected SignalsSuccess Rate (%)
Hyper Scalper Buy5100.0
EMA Bullish Crossover + ADX887.5
EMA Bullish Crossover1485.71
EMA Bearish Crossover1485.71
EMA Strategy Buy1872.22
EMA Bearish Crossover + ADX771.43
Big Extender Buy1770.59
EMA Strategy Sell2369.57
Bollinger Stochastic Buy3568.57
Bollinger Bands Buy + ADX2867.86
Bollinger Bands Buy5867.24
RSI Overbought3066.67
RSI Overbought + ADX2466.67
Parabolic Trader Sell1764.71
Bollinger Bands Sell + ADX4963.27
MACD Bearish Crossover + ADX2762.96
Bollinger Stochastic Sell4360.47
Bollinger Bands Sell8560.0
MACD Bullish Crossover + ADX2759.26
MACD Bullish Crossover4459.09
MACD Bearish Crossover4454.55
Parabolic Trader Buy1154.55
Power Scalper Buy8852.27
Power Scalper Sell3141.94
Tri Trendmaster Buy041.94
Tri Trendmster Sell041.94
Big Extender Sell1241.67
RSI Oversold + ADX1741.18
Hyper Scalper Sell040.0
RSI Oversold2138.1

Dogecoin Backtest Report — Tradings Strategies & Signals — Hourly Chart

Here are the most important results of the Dogecoin Backtest Report for the hourly chart:

  • Similar to other analyses we’ve performed so far, it turned out that the Hyper Scalper is one of the most successful trading signals — especially on the one-hour chart.
  • Accordingly, the Hyper Scalper was the only signal that achieved a success rate above 80% or resp. above 90%.
  • Except for the Tri Trendmaster trading signals, most signals range between 50% and 65% success rates. Accordingly, it is probably not advisable to trade these indicators — at least not with a solid take profit/stop loss system.
SignalDetected SignalsBest Probability (%)
Hyper Scalper Buy2190.48
Hyper Scalper Sell3086.67
Tri Trendmaster Buy475.0
Bollinger Bands Buy + ADX25568.24
Bollinger Stochastic Buy32863.41
Bollinger Bands Buy59762.14
EMA Bullish Crossover + ADX4261.9
Bollinger Bands Sell + ADX31261.86
Big Extender Buy7460.81
MACD Bullish Crossover + ADX24758.7
Power Scalper Buy58658.53
Bollinger Bands Sell67958.32
RSI Overbought + ADX11657.76
Bollinger Stochastic Sell49757.14
Parabolic Trader Buy17456.32
EMA Bullish Crossover19156.02
MACD Bullish Crossover51255.27
Parabolic Trader Sell20753.62
RSI Overbought17653.41
EMA Strategy Buy27753.07
MACD Bearish Crossover51252.54
RSI Oversold16952.07
MACD Bearish Crossover + ADX21651.39
RSI Oversold + ADX12751.18
EMA Strategy Sell27850.72
EMA Bearish Crossover19050.0
Big Extender Sell8250.0
Power Scalper Sell50449.8
EMA Bearish Crossover + ADX3243.75
Tri Trendmster Sell10

Dogecoin Backtest Report — Tradings Strategies & Signals — 15-Minute Chart

Here are the most essential results of our Bitcoin Backtest Report on the 15M Chart:

  • Overall, the 15M chart results of our Dogecoin Backtest results are similar to the one-hour chart. Most of the trading signals range between 50% to 65%.
  • The Tri Trendmaster achieved a success rate of 80% resp. 100% — however, the results are based on a limited number of signals (3 and 5). only.
  • The Hyper Scalper performed quite well again and demonstrates its potential to be used on lower timeframes.
SignalDetected SignalsBest Probability (%)
Tri Trendmster Sell3100.0
Tri Trendmaster Buy580.0
Hyper Scalper Buy6078.33
Hyper Scalper Sell10766.36
Bollinger Bands Buy + ADX105564.83
Bollinger Bands Sell + ADX94761.56
Bollinger Stochastic Buy150560.86
Bollinger Bands Buy241660.18
Bollinger Bands Sell232159.16
Bollinger Stochastic Sell188557.93
EMA Bullish Crossover + ADX13355.64
Big Extender Buy25755.25
EMA Bearish Crossover + ADX10854.63
EMA Strategy Sell113454.06
Power Scalper Buy160153.84
MACD Bullish Crossover + ADX93553.05
RSI Overbought + ADX39052.56
MACD Bearish Crossover213452.06
RSI Overbought59951.75
EMA Bearish Crossover73951.69
MACD Bearish Crossover + ADX84351.6
EMA Bullish Crossover73951.56
Power Scalper Sell169451.12
EMA Strategy Buy112251.07
RSI Oversold63650.94
Parabolic Trader Sell80250.87
RSI Oversold + ADX46650.0
Big Extender Sell32050.0
MACD Bullish Crossover213349.79
Parabolic Trader Buy78347.51

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