Exciting Times Ahead: Explore Our Roadmap to More Crypto Tokens and Strategies!

As we bask in the glow of releasing Leviathan, a milestone that heralded significant advancements in our bot technology, our gaze is firmly set on the exciting journey ahead. We’re not just resting on our laurels but fuelled by our accomplishments to aim even higher and deliver more for our valued community.

The launch of Leviathan is a testament to our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the crypto trading landscape. With unparalleled features like Expert and One-Click Bots, extensive Bot Stats, and a redefined user experience, we’ve set a new benchmark in the industry. Our fresh, tailored pricing tiers and an enhanced backend have redefined efficiency and security, laying a solid foundation for an exciting future.

Future Roadmap

Today, we want to share what’s on our roadmap for the next weeks. So let’s dive into it!

Expanding Our Token Offerings:

Our journey to integrating 400 tokens is robust and ongoing. Expect daily additions of 10-20 new tokens as we steadfastly reach our goal, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive trading experience.

Enhanced Bots:

Your trading experience is set to become smoother. We’re committed to refining our bots further, making them more intuitive and user-friendly, aligning with your trading needs and expectations. Additionally, we will add more features to our bots.

Elevated Strategy Signals:

Strategies have always been at the core of our offerings, and they’re getting a significant boost. Stay tuned for the roll-out of innovative and efficient new strategies, amplifying your trading success. Of course, we will integrate all new strategies into our bots!

In-Depth Documentation:

We’ve heard you! Comprehensive and detailed documentation is on the way to enrich your understanding and utilization of our platform and features. Therefore, we will focus on refining and —especially— expanding our documentation. We are also in the planning of how-to videos. So stay tuned for tons of educational material.

Automated Chart Pattern Identification:

Navigate the crypto waters easily as we introduce more automated chart patterns, enhancing your analytical capabilities and trading strategies. This part will definitely be one of our focus areas.

Chart Pattern Bot

Yes, you heard correctly. In development is a chart pattern bot that automatically executes trades upon identifying patterns, making trading seamless and more profitable.

Integration with More Exchanges:

Integrating more exchanges, including the much-anticipated Binance, is underway, broadening your trading horizons and opportunities.

Let’s Go!

In the coming weeks and months, brace yourself for these enhancements as we continue to elevate your trading experience.

Our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and trading success is unwavering. Your journey with us is not just about trading; it’s about achieving unmatched trading success and satisfaction.

Here’s to the exciting road ahead! 🚀

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