Hello there!

I am Benjamin, the founder of, a platform that provides free access to vital crypto trading data, strategies, and alerts.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, my journey in the crypto space began in 2018. Since then, it has been nothing short of an exciting rollercoaster ride.

What drew me to cryptocurrencies was their underlying philosophy of freedom and, dare I say, a touch of anarchy. The decentralized nature of crypto markets resonated deeply with my belief in autonomy and the power of the individual. It represents a novel and exciting frontier, free from the constraints and regulations that often bind traditional financial systems.

As much as I enjoy the thrill of a well-executed trade or the satisfaction of seeing my crypto assets grow, my venture into this space goes beyond monetary motivations. I’ve always been an idealist at heart, a firm believer in democratizing information. With, I’ve been able to merge my love for crypto with my passion for sharing knowledge freely and openly.

In this crypto journey, my mission with is to empower individuals by providing them with the data, insights, and strategies they need to navigate the crypto markets confidently.

Because, in the end, knowledge is the greatest equalizer, the most powerful tool we have to bridge gaps, encourage innovation, and build a more equitable future.

So, whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader, a curious observer, or just someone interested in the space, I warmly welcome you to join our community.

I hope that the resources and discussions on will be as valuable to you as they are to us. Happy trading!

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