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Hey, my name is Benjamin,


I started my crypto trading journey in 2019. Equipped with big balls, I had quickly pocketed a whopping $150k in profits. I felt unstoppable – like Gordon Gecko or the master of the (crypto) universe.

So, logically, I continued, and within a mere 30 days, every dollar of profit…vanished. Greedy? Foolish? Call it what you want. I had ridden the high of beginner’s luck, increased my leverage, felt invincible, and then… crash!


Once back on my feet, I realized many beginners got caught in this web of luck, overconfidence, and eventual loss. But for me, failure wasn’t the end.

I immersed myself in a quest for knowledge. From understanding technical indicators, delving deep into chart analysis, and studying the peculiarities of crypto markets, I consumed it all. I needed knowledge, systems, and strategies to succeed genuinely.


Fast forward to today, and I’ve risen from the ashes of my initial loss. Not just as a successful trader with a solid strategy but as the creator of CryptoKnowledge – a crypto data and trading platform trusted and used by countless traders globally.


Through this email course, I want to give back and share some of the invaluable lessons and strategies I’ve learned — ensuring you don’t make the same mistakes. Dive in, and let’s transform your trading journey together.

Before taking the course

Here’s the situation you’re probably facing right now:


Drowning in jargon and complex concepts.


Unsure where to start or how to proceed.

Fear of Loss

Wary of making costly mistakes.

Analysis Paralysis

Struggling to interpret market data.

Wasted Investments

Spent money on ``guru`` advice with no real returns.

Lack of Strategy

Trading based on gut feelings, not solid plans.

Information Overload

Bombarded with too many resources, unsure which to trust.

After completing the free course

Here’s how the free course will transform your situation:


Understand complex concepts, demystified.

Guided Path

A step-by-step approach to successful trading.

Risk Management

Strategies to mitigate losses and optimize gains.

Decisive Action

Confidently interpret and act on market data.

Actionable How-To

Tools and insights for immediate application.

Strategic Trading

Make informed decisions with proven strategies.

Curated Knowledge

Rely on trusted, streamlined resources.

“Before the CryptoKnowledge Bootcamp, I was lost in the complex world of crypto. The course gave me invaluable insights and with the powerful tools of the CryptoKnowledge platform, I transformed into a confident, profit-making trader.”

Brooks Johnson

CryptoKnowledge Bootcamp Graduate

Your Benefits When Taking The Free Course

Gain Practical Knowledge

Dive deep into actionable insights, not just theory. Learn the 'how-to' of crypto trading, making your journey straightforward and effective.

Risk-Free Learning

A no-cost opportunity! Immerse yourself in the course without the worry of investing money. All we ask for is your time and eagerness to learn.

Time-Saving Curriculum

Avoid the endless online searching. We've distilled crucial trading strategies and insights, ensuring maximum value in minimal time.

Built on Real Experience

More than just another course. Benefit from genuine experiences, trials, errors, and successes of someone who's truly navigated the crypto trading world.

Free Platform Access

Get complimentary access to the CryptoKnowledge platform during the course. Directly apply your newfound skills in a real-world context, solidifying your learning.

Tailored Feedback

Receive personalized feedback and answers to your queries, ensuring you're always on the right path.

Here's What You'll Learn!

Day 1: RSI Strategy

We kick things off with the basics. Get acquainted with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) – your first tool in the crypto market. We’ll break it down, step-by-step, ensuring you master reading those peaks and lows like a pro. Understand when to hold your still and when to act.

Day 2: MACD Strategy

Let’s level up. We’re diving into the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) strategy. Sounds complex? Don’t worry! We’ll walk you through it, ensuring you know how to spot potential profit-making opportunities. In the end, MACD will be your trusted ally!

Day 3: Moving Average Strategy

Alright, we’re ramping it up with the Moving Average Strategy. It’s tried, tested, and a golden oldie in identifying trends. We’ll teach you how to employ this strategy to pinpoint entry and exit points with surgical precision. It’s about to get real!

Day 4: Expert Strategy — Power Trader

Welcome to the big leagues! We introduce the Power Trader strategy. This is expert stuff – it’s a potent mix of indicators and analysis, primed to boost your trading arsenal. We’ll equip you with the tactics to navigate the crypto market like a pro!

Day 5: Expert Strategy — Parabolic Trader

Glad you are still with us! The Parabolic Trader strategy is your compass in the stormy seas of crypto trading. We’ll train you to identify those parabolic trends that can skyrocket your profits. Be ready for profits like never before!

Day 6: Oscillator Strategies

Trader, and we’re not letting up! Oscillator Strategies are on your crypto market radar. Learn to decipher the signals, cut through the noise, and hone in on those profit-rich opportunities. You’re not just a trader now – you’re becoming a market expert!

Day 7: Why (and How) You Should Use the ADX

We shine the spotlight on the Average Directional Index (ADX). This ain’t just another indicator; it’s your GPS to navigate trend strengths. Master the art and science of using ADX, and you won’t just understand the crypto market – you’ll dominate it!

Bonus Day: Spotlight on Take Profits & Stop Loss

As a bonus, we provide you with everything you have to know about proper take profit and stop loss management.

A course worth $149 — now available for FREE.

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Why offer the course for free? Where’s the catch?


My journey in crypto was filled with ups and downs, and I genuinely understand the challenges beginners face. And I firmly believe in the transformative power of crypto and its decentralized vision, so I think knowledge should be freely accessible. Plus, being transparent, as you grow and succeed, there’s potential for me to benefit through the CryptoKnowledge platform. It’s a win-win!

There are countless courses available. Why should I choose yours?


Indeed, the market is saturated, but two things set our course apart. Firstly, this course isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical and operationally-proven, derived from real-world experiences. Secondly, it’s entirely free. No hidden costs, no mandatory memberships, just genuine knowledge without the risks typically associated with paid courses.

Can you guarantee success afterward?


As much as I’d love to, I can’t guarantee individual success. What I do guarantee is equipping you with all the essential tools and knowledge. But, like any tool, its impact depends on how effectively you wield it. Success in crypto trading, as in life, requires individual dedication and effort.

A course worth $149 — now available for FREE.

Secure your spot today – enrolment is limited!
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