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Wether you are just starting out or have been in the game for a while, our tools are made to help everybody.
We take away the confusion and leave you with a clear path to success.

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Easily analyze data, gather information, and execute trading bots.

Spotting trade opportunities has never been easier and effortless.

Time-consuming chart analysis is a thing of the past. Our algorithms constantly scan more than 100 cryptocurrencies for the most relevant trading signals: MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, EMA, and many more. You can easily browse through the latest signals — or get informed by email and never miss an opportunity.

Trade like a pro — with top-notch strategies!

Make use of some of the most successful trading strategies. Each of our trading strategies combine several technical indicators and provide you with high-quality trading signals.

Find out more about our Trading Strategies in our documentation.

Screen the Market for Opportunities

Forget about countless hours of chart watching! The Crypto Screener helps you to swiftly identify new trade opportunities. Easily spot tokens with a high profit potential, oversold coins in an uptrend, bullish engulfings, and so much more.


Our latest and most powerful feature!

Dive into the world of automated chart pattern recognition. We scan more than 100 tokens for double tops, wedges, head & shoulders, and other patterns.

Either on the daily, hourly, or 15 minutes chart — enjoy the calming feeling of never missing a promising trade.


Feel the market's pulse

The PulseCheck is your confidence booster. We analyze 17 technical indicators and put together the most comprehensive token assessment — built to support and rationalize your trade decisions. Forget about gut-feelings and enter trades based on facts and information.


Turn your signals into trades

Here’s the most convenient way trade cryptos. Simply connect your preferred exchange and start executing trades for your preferred signals and strategies — fully automated and fully controllable. No coding nor special skills required!

With MEXC, BYBIT, and Binance (soon), we support the major cryptocurrencies.

Discover detailed trade setups — updated daily!

Every day our experts provide you with detailed trade setups of blue chips, meme coins, and small caps tokens. We analyze indicators, chart patterns, and put together an easy-to-digest analysis.

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On average, CryptoKnowledge cut down the efforts to analyze charts and identify new trades by 90%.

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84% of Expert Tier subscriber report that their trading results have increased since they’ve started to our service.

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“For anyone dipping their toes into crypto trading, CryptoKnowledge Pro is an absolute must-have. It cuts through the complexity, offering you the straightforward tools and alerts you need to boost your trading success. No hefty price tags or confusing interfaces, just a platform designed to foster growth and confidence.”

Jac Vong

CryptoKnowledge Bot Tier User

“Relying on CryptoKnowledge Pro has been a game-changer for me. It’s the only platform I need for discovering new trading prospects, digesting up-to-the-minute analysis, and streamlining my trading with automation. Its user-friendly interface is like a trusted companion in my trading journey.”

Christian Vaeth

CryptoKnowledge Pro User

My trading results improved by 10x since I could eliminate my gut feelings and emotions. I encourage everyone to use CryptoKnowledge Pro.

Jenny Sievers

CryptoKnowledge Pro Customer and Crypto Trader since 2022

CryptoKnowledge Pro just makes my life so much easier. I relied on complex and expensive tools, which was always such a pain. I am gaining incredible confidence every day — even on a tight budget.

Robert Adam

CryptoKnowledge Pro Customer and Crypto Trader since 2021

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