Introducing ‘Big Extender’: The 79% Win-Rate Crypto Trading Strategy

Meet ‘Big Extender,’ the latest integration to our signal service at With a win rate of 79% as per numerous backtests, this potent blend of advanced RSI principles and market trend indicators is set to redefine your crypto trading experience.

The Big Extender Advantage

Experience the power of sophisticated analytics with our Big Extender strategy. Leveraging the complexity of multiple indicators, we’ve created a strategy that delivers remarkable efficacy, proven by backtesting that has shown a stunning 79% win rate. For an in-depth explanation and proof of these results, we invite you to check out this video.

At CryptoKnowledge, we’re eliminating the need for constant market monitoring by doing the heavy lifting for you. Our system meticulously scans over 100 cryptocurrencies across multiple timeframes – 5M, 15M, 1H, and 1D, seeking out Big Extender signals.

Once a signal has been identified, we promptly send out email alerts to our subscribers, allowing them to act swiftly on potential opportunities. If you prefer, you can manually search for live signals on our user-friendly platform.

With the Big Extender strategy, we’re making expert-level trading strategies accessible to all, saving you precious time and effort while keeping you one step ahead in the dynamic world of crypto trading.

Decoding the Big Extender

The Big Extender strategy navigates the Long and Short Signals markets using a seasoned sea captain’s proficiency.

Long Signal Conditions:

  1. Price above the 200-period EMA, akin to a strong current.
  2. RSI crosses above the 70 lines from below, similar to a speeding car joining a powerful momentum.
  3. RSI above the EMA applied to the RSI, indicating acceleration.
  4. ADX exceeds 30, indicating a robust trend strength.

Short Signal Conditions: Mirror-like to the Long Signals:

  1. Price below the 200-period EMA, indicating a downtrend.
  2. RSI crosses below the 30 lines from above, suggesting momentum loss.
  3. RSI below the EMA applied to the RSI, signifying deceleration.
  4. ADX greater than 30, revealing a strong downward trend.

Pioneering the Future of Crypto Trading

We’re beyond thrilled to add more sophisticated strategies to our product, and Big Extender is the first in a series of such enhancements — which is available to our Expert tier exclusively. This strategy is just a glimpse of our relentless pursuit to deliver the ultimate in crypto trading tools.

CryptoKnowledge: Your Trusted Crypto Data Portal is not just a platform; it’s your trusted partner in the dynamic world of crypto trading. We continuously strive to empower you with comprehensive, reliable, and timely trading signals and crypto data. With the Big Extender, our array of over 100 token alerts, trend data, and the intuitive Crypto Screener, we’re committed to enriching your trading experience.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to leverage our tools and strategies, making informed trading decisions every step of the way. With, the future of profitable crypto trading is at your fingertips. Welcome aboard!

We analyze over 100 cryptocurrencies and send out trade alerts.


Please note that the ‘Big Extender’ signal is exclusively available to our paid subscribers. While we provide this tool with the utmost confidence in its potential, does not guarantee successful trades. Our tools and strategies are designed to support your trading decisions, not dictate them. It’s crucial to remember that we do not offer financial advice. As with all trading activities, decisions should be based on individual risk tolerance, investment goals, and thorough research. Always trade responsibly.

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