Looking Forward: Exciting Future Roadmap of CryptoKnowledge

The world of cryptocurrency trading evolves rapidly, and as your trusted trading companion, CryptoKnowledge is committed to evolving and expanding with it. We’re thrilled to give you an exclusive glimpse into our upcoming developments – a roadmap that reflects our dedication to your success in the crypto world.

Trading Bot Launching 1st August

In three days, we will unveil one of our most significant updates yet – the CryptoKnowledge Trading Bot. This powerful tool will streamline your trading process by seamlessly integrating with our signals and strategies, executing trades for you on your chosen exchange.

The bot’s launch marks a significant step in our journey and an exciting advancement for our community of users.

CryptoKnowledge API

Our imminent Trading Bot will depend on the middleware API, Alertatron, meaning users will need an Alertatron license.

However, we see this as a temporary measure. We’re already heavily invested in developing our own API, which is aimed to launch in August 2023. This transition will further simplify the process and make automated trading more accessible. Moreover, it will eliminate the need for an additional license for our users.

On top of that, the API will build the fundament for various use cases we’ve already planned.

Mobile App

We understand the importance of mobility in today’s fast-paced trading environment. Thus, we’re excited to announce that a CryptoKnowledge iPhone app is in the works! This development will offer you a seamless mobile trading experience. While we’re still finalizing the go-live date, expect this game-changing release in Autumn 2023.

More and Enhanced Trading Strategies

We’re committed to providing you with various trading strategy alerts. We continually work on refining our current offerings and developing new ones. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the most relevant, efficient, and profitable trading strategies available. Therefore, we will continuously add more trading strategies to our service.

Enhanced Trading Pattern Recognition

We’re advancing our trading pattern recognition feature to provide you with the most comprehensive trading insights. The enhancement will ensure you never miss out on crucial trading opportunities.

UI Update and Tons of Smaller Improvements

To further improve your user experience, we’ll be rolling out a significant UI update and many smaller improvements to simplify and enrich your interactions with our platform.


We are beyond excited for the future of CryptoKnowledge and are grateful to have you on this journey with us. Every update, every new feature, and every improvement is driven by our desire to empower you in the world of crypto trading. Stay tuned for these groundbreaking advancements in your crypto trading experience as we strive to help you trade smarter and succeed faster.

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