Making Money With NFT: Here’s Our Secret Gem, Timmy Finance!

In today’s post, we’re thrilled to present an NFT project that is somehow flying below the radar of many NFTs enthusiasts at the moment: Timmy Finance’s Pesky Alpacas NFTs. The Cronos-based projects offer some super-innovative approaches to making money with NFT. That’s why we believe it is one of the hidden gems you should look closely at. So let’s dive right into it.

What is Timmy Finance?

Known earlier as Donkey Finance, Timmy Finance has distinguished itself as an innovative NFT protocol on Cronos. It sprang into the digital landscape in early April 2023, making its debut with the intriguing NFT collection – the Degen Donkeys.

What catches the eye about the Degen Donkeys is their scarce supply. A mere total of 32 NFTs have been minted, a number so petite that it almost borders on exclusivity. As I pen this, all 32 have already been minted, making them potential targets for an impressive demand surge. With a mint price set modestly at 200 $CRO, it’s not hard to foresee enthusiasts flocking to secondary markets, eager to harness these scarce digital assets’ current and prospective utilities.

However, the rarity of Degen Donkeys isn’t their sole allure. They come packed with a compelling utility proposition. The minting fees accrued from Degen Donkeys were primarily employed in minting another intriguing NFT – Degen Donny, a product of the Stronghands Protocol. Serving as a source of continuous yield, Degen Donny NFTs extend monthly airdrops to their holders in the form of $USDC on Binance Smart Chain.

This unique feature is made possible due to a strategic partnership with Margin Syndicate, which not only adds a revenue stream for Timmy Finance but also endows the Degen Donkey holders with a robust passive income opportunity.

Making Money With NFT: Timmy Finance’s Pesky Alapacas

Fast forward to May when Timmy Finance decided to launch another NFT collection. This novel NFT collection is charmingly named “Pesky Alpacas.” The collection takes a distinct turn from its predecessor, limited to a total supply of 450 NFTs, each available at the mint price of 99 $CRO.

Making Money With NFT: Here's Our Secret Gem, Timmy Finance!

What makes the Pesky Alpacas unique is the revamp of reward structures, which sees investment in a DeFi strategy on the Polygon blockchain instead of minting additional Degen Donny NFTs. This strategic divergence is made possible by the innovation of X3DEFI AI Trading Bots.

Intriguingly, owning a Pesky Alpaca affords holders the opportunity to stake their NFTs at Roo.Finance. This platform already boasts an active NFT community on Cronos and a variety of staking services, making it an attractive option for Alpaca holders.

Making Money With Timmy Finance’s NFT — A Step-By-Step Guide

If the above description was an information overload, we put together the most essential information you need to make money with Timmy Finance’s NFT.

Step 1 — Mint Your NFT

Unsurprisingly, you have to hold one or more NFTs to be eligible to earn money with them. Therefore, you can visit the minting website and grab your NFT. As mentioned, the price is 99 CRO, which equals ~$6 at the time of writing. Moreover, at this time, 80 of 450 NFTs have already been minted. So you better be quick.

Step 2 — Stake Your NFT

Making money with your NFT requires you to stake them. But no worries, this is easier than easy. Timmy Finance is working together with Roo.Finance as a staking partner. Therefore, you can visit the Roo.Finane website and stake your minted NFT there. Here’s the link you need.

Step 3 — Start making money with your NFT

And that’s basically all. From now on, you can lean back and enjoy your NFTs’ profits. Oh, and talking about profits brings us to the next important aspect: How does it work, and what can you expect? Let’s move on to the next chapter to explore that.

X3DEFI AI Bot — The Key To Making Money With Your NFT

Timmy Finance invests 91.5% of the mint fees directly into the X3DEFI AI Trading Bot. Here are some more details:

This bot runs on the Polygon chain and has produced some unbeatable returns since its start. To find out more about the bot, you can check the following articles:

As you can see, the bot has produced an average of 10% weekly returns so far. Timmy Finance will take 70% of the received returns and distribute them to its holders.


Based o the bot’s performance so far, buying one or more Timmy Finance NFTs should break-even rapidly. Afterwards it is all about holding the NFTs and enjoying making money with your NFTs.

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