Polygon (MATIC) Backtest Report (15+ Trading Signals)

This MATIC Backtest Report dissects more than 15 trading signals focusing on MATIC. Various timeframes, daily charts, hourly moving average curves, and even the 15-minute ones are the center of this analysis. The backtested data covers the last three years to paint a rounded picture of MATIC’s performance with every strategy under the sun.

Key Take-Aways From The MATIC Backtest Report

Hyper Scalper Dominance
The Hyper Scalper fares impressively, with success rates that are absolutely up the ladder for all durations. With fewer daily trades, this variant seems to be bettering those figures.

Timeframe Impact
This is contrary to initial expectations of time frames that profoundly affect success rates. The success rates are almost similar across daily, hourly, and 15-minute charts.

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MATIC Backtest Report — Tradings Strategies & Signals — Daily Chart

Key Takeaways:

  • Six signals achieve success rates of over 70%.
  • EMA signals, especially EMA Bullish Crossover, show reliability, with five out of the top six signals based on EMA.
  • RSI performs poorly, with results below 50% in some cases.
SignalDetected SignalsSuccess Rate (%)
EMA Bullish Crossover + ADX1100.0
EMA Bearish Crossover + ADX1100.0
Hyper Scalper Buy2100.0
Tri Trendmster Sell1100.0
Bollinger Stochastic Buy5673.21
EMA Bullish Crossover1872.22
Big Extender Buy1770.59
EMA Strategy Buy2867.86
Bollinger Bands Sell + ADX4667.39
Bollinger Bands Buy + ADX2466.67
Parabolic Trader Buy2166.67
Big Extender Sell666.67
Bollinger Bands Buy5764.91
RSI Oversold + ADX1163.64
MACD Bullish Crossover + ADX2462.5
RSI Overbought + ADX2462.5
Bollinger Bands Sell10162.38
Bollinger Stochastic Sell9362.37
Power Scalper Buy10062.0
RSI Overbought3357.58
Parabolic Trader Sell2157.14
MACD Bullish Crossover5556.36
MACD Bearish Crossover5556.36
RSI Oversold1656.25
MACD Bearish Crossover + ADX2454.17
EMA Strategy Sell2853.57
EMA Bearish Crossover1850.0
Power Scalper Sell5149.02
Tri Trendmaster Buy049.02
Hyper Scalper Sell00

MATIC Backtest Report — Tradings Strategies & Signals — Hourly Chart

Key Results:

  • Hyper Scalper remains a standout signal with success rates above 80%.
  • Most signals fall within 50-65% success rates, indicating caution without a solid risk management system.
SignalDetected SignalsSuccess Rate (%)
Tri Trendmaster Buy2100.0
Tri Trendmster Sell1100.0
Hyper Scalper Buy1782.35
Hyper Scalper Sell2676.92
Bollinger Stochastic Buy49062.24
Bollinger Bands Buy + ADX31461.78
EMA Bullish Crossover + ADX2360.87
Power Scalper Buy70059.71
Bollinger Bands Buy66659.46
Bollinger Bands Sell + ADX28458.45
RSI Overbought + ADX13757.66
EMA Bullish Crossover15957.23
EMA Bearish Crossover15856.96
Bollinger Bands Sell63455.84
RSI Overbought20655.83
EMA Strategy Buy27855.76
Power Scalper Sell58655.63
Bollinger Stochastic Sell55555.32
MACD Bullish Crossover + ADX25854.65
MACD Bearish Crossover + ADX25054.4
RSI Oversold + ADX15154.3
EMA Bearish Crossover + ADX2454.17
Parabolic Trader Buy20253.96
MACD Bearish Crossover54553.94
Big Extender Buy9153.85
EMA Strategy Sell27953.76
MACD Bullish Crossover54452.94
RSI Oversold20452.94
Parabolic Trader Sell20052.0
Big Extender Sell11350.44

MATIC Backtest Report — Tradings Strategies & Signals — 15-Minute Chart

Key Results:

  • 15-minute chart results resemble hourly results, with most signals ranging from 50% to 65% success rates.
  • Tri Trendmaster stands out with an 80% success rate.
SignalDetected SignalsSuccess Rate (%)
Tri Trendmaster Buy785.71
Hyper Scalper Buy6780.6
Hyper Scalper Sell9779.38
Tri Trendmster Sell366.67
Bollinger Bands Buy + ADX107262.22
EMA Bullish Crossover + ADX10359.22
Bollinger Stochastic Buy198357.99
Bollinger Bands Buy250857.7
Bollinger Stochastic Sell218057.25
Bollinger Bands Sell244056.07
EMA Bearish Crossover63556.06
Bollinger Bands Sell + ADX101855.6
Power Scalper Buy187255.4
Parabolic Trader Sell81255.05
MACD Bearish Crossover + ADX86953.97
MACD Bullish Crossover + ADX91353.89
MACD Bearish Crossover209253.63
EMA Strategy Sell105153.47
RSI Oversold + ADX49153.16
RSI Oversold68852.18
EMA Strategy Buy105052.1
Big Extender Buy28551.93
EMA Bearish Crossover + ADX8751.72
EMA Bullish Crossover63651.57
RSI Overbought + ADX44751.23
Power Scalper Sell186150.78
Big Extender Sell35150.71
RSI Overbought67350.07
Parabolic Trader Buy79650.0
MACD Bullish Crossover209349.4

This report offers a detailed analysis of MATIC’s performance based on various trading signals and timeframes. Traders should consider these findings for informed decision-making.

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