Revolutionizing Crypto Trading: From Insightful Alerts to Automated Trading Bot!

We’ve been on an amazing journey in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Over the past weeks, we have introduced a series of innovative features that have been designed to provide our users with the tools they need to navigate the crypto trading landscape with confidence and precision.

We started with our Trading Signals, delivering clear and concise signals based on tried-and-tested technical indicators, helping you to identify opportunities and stay ahead of the market.

Next, we introduced the Strategy Alerts, empowering you to use multiple combined indicators. This was followed by our comprehensive Crypto Screener, capable of identifying promising chart patterns across hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

And now, we are excited to announce the crowning achievement in our suite of features — our state-of-the-art Trading Bot with Automated Trade Support! This breakthrough feature goes beyond providing trade alerts. It allows you to configure these alerts to automatically execute trades, taking your crypto trading to new heights.

Embrace the Future with our Automated Trading Bot

Our innovative Trading Bot is designed to offer the perfect balance between control and convenience. While you retain the authority to decide which signals trigger alerts, the automated trading feature enhances your operations by performing trades seamlessly and efficiently.

Accordingly, the Automated Trading Bot perfectly integrates with our features: the Trading Signals, Strategy Alerts, and Crypto Screener.

Your Security, Our Priority: Integrated with Alertatron

To ensure the best user experience and uphold the security of your data, our Trading Bot integrates with Alertatron, a trusted middleware. Alertatron executes automated trades on your behalf, eliminating the need for us to store your exchange data. Furthermore, it supports several leading centralized exchanges (CEX), including Bybit, Binance, Bitget, and OKX.

Feature-rich Trading Experience

The Trading Bot isn’t just about automated trades. It includes a suite of features, such as automated stop loss, take profit, and trailing take profit.

So let’s make it practical. Let’s assume you are using our Trading Strategies and receive alerts for the Big Extender Strategy. You can configure this trading strategy with Automated Trading Bot to automatically create an order, for example, in your Bybit account. Moreover, you can add stop loss and take profit levels that will automatically execute by Bybit accordingly.

Launching Soon with More on the Horizon

We’re in the final stages of deploying our Trading Bot, with MACD, RSI, and EMA signals to be included in the initial release. Rest assured, and we will soon expand this to cover other signals, strategies, and screener alerts. We’re excited to announce that the go-live is just around the corner!

Introducing a New Tier for the Ultimate Trading Experience

To celebrate this game-changing feature, we’re introducing a new paid tier. This tier combines all the benefits of our Expert tier plus the groundbreaking functionality of Automated Trading through our Trading Bot.

We believe that this Trading Bot represents a significant leap forward in the crypto trading space. Combining all of our previous features with this automated functionality, we are confident that we’re providing a tool that will dramatically enhance your crypto trading experience. Get ready to take your trading to the next level with our new Automated Trading Bot!

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