Riding the Bear Wave: A Closer Look at COSMOS (ATOM)

COSMOS (ATOM) — Current Status

COSMOS (ATOM) is currently trading at $9.8, with a -1.1% loss in the past 24 hours, indicating the overall bearish sentiment in the market.

A breakdown of the critical support level at $10.2 has caused its price to drop further, with some prospects expecting the asset to dip down to 9.6 or even lower.

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Technical Indicators

COSMOS (ATOM) is currently seeing a short-term bearish momentum.

Its SMA (simple moving average) is strongly trending downwards, indicating a healthy downtrend. This bearish momentum is further bolstered by its oversold RSI (relative strength indicator), its bearish ADX (average directional index), and its bearish MACD (moving average convergence divergence) and MOM (Momentum) values.

Although these indicators reveal strength in the current bear wave, they also provide evidence of a potential long-term trend reversal, with the oscillator signaling a slightly bullish tone.

COSMOS ATOM, Price Chart, 6th June 2023
COSMOS ATOM, Price Chart, 6th June 2023

COSMOS (ATOM) — Outlook

Considering all the technical indicators, it could be concluded that the COSMOS (ATOM) is in a bearish period.

This trend will likely continue for the short to medium term, bringing the value down to a potential $9.6 and potentially $8.5 mark. Although this is likely, some long-term positive fluctuations could occur due to the slight bullish oscillator indication.


COSMOS is an open-source project that is a new form of cryptocurrency and a platform for developers and entrepreneurs. The project aims to make it easier to develop and maintain decentralized applications. The COSMOS network is powered by its native token, ATOM, used to pay for services and transactions. It also allows developers to create cryptocurrency tokens and develop decentralized applications.


From the technical indicators assessed in the article, COSMOS (ATOM) is experiencing a solid bear wave. Still, it will likely experience short-term and long-term fluctuations due to slight bullish oscillator indications.

Overall, it is clear that COSMOS (ATOM) is an excellent option for developers and entrepreneurs who are looking to develop and maintain decentralized applications. Although it is in a bearish period, potential long-term positive fluctuations could present new opportunities.

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