Riding the Wave: OCEAN Protocol 5% Upswing in Sight

Current Market State: OCEAN Protocol’s Contrary Trend

Trading at $0.42, OCEAN Protocol presents a unique narrative in the broader cryptocurrency market. Unlike many of its counterparts, which have mostly been on a downtrend since mid-May, OCEAN appears to have turned the tide.

After losing 30% of its value between mid-April and mid-May, OCEAN found support at $0.3. It has been on an upswing since hitting this bottom in mid-May, moving counter to the prevailing market trend.

Unraveling the Ocean Protocol’s Indicators: Signaling a Bullish Future?

The market indicators are promising for OCEAN’s short and medium-term future. The Simple Moving Average (SMA) and the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) suggest a definite upward trend in these time horizons and are neutral for the long term.

Moreover, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Momentum (MOM) indicators are bullish, aligning with the Ultimate Oscillator, which also signals a bullish trend. Finally, although the Average Directional Index (ADX) is neutral, this does not necessarily negate the bullish indicators, given its interpretation depends on other factors, such as the Directional Movement Index (DMI).

These bullish indicators and the token’s contrary movement suggest that OCEAN may be primed for a rise, reinforcing its relative strength in an otherwise bearish market.

OCEAN Protocol Price Chart 4H, 2n June 2023
OCEAN Protocol Price Chart 4H, 2n June 2023

Outlook and Trade Setup: Two Potential Pathways for OCEAN Protocol

As we move forward, $0.44 appears to be the significant resistance level for OCEAN. Based on the current market dynamics, traders have two viable options.

The first option involves riding the current wave and opening a long position with a profit target near the $0.44 resistance, equating to a potential profit of about 5%. This option is beneficial if one believes in the strength of the current upward trend and expects it to continue till the resistance.

The second option would be to wait for OCEAN to breach the $0.44 resistance level and open a long position. Should the resistance be successfully broken, we anticipate the price could rally to $0.46 and potentially even $0.50. This strategy provides the opportunity for greater profits but is dependent on OCEAN’s strength to push past the significant $0.44 resistance level.

About OCEAN Protocol

OCEAN Protocol is passionately dedicated to democratizing data access through the strategic application of technology and governance, with a view to creating a fairer digital world.

The project and vibrant community have set their sights on sparking a revolution in the Data Economy that extends its reach to every individual, business, and device. OCEAN Protocol is a staunch believer in restoring power to the data owners, equipping people with the ability to derive value from their data and contribute towards the betterment of our society.

Ocean Protocol operates under the watchful eye of a non-profit foundation based in Singapore. The foundation’s mission is to ensure open accessibility to the protocol and platform, manage data governance, stimulate the growth of the network ecosystem, and progressively decentralize the platform.

In Conclusion

Despite OCEAN’s recent loss, the token’s contrary movement to the overall crypto market and bullish technical indicators suggest a potential upswing. While the $0.44 resistance level presents a crucial point of contention, whether to open a long position now or wait for a possible breach presents traders with exciting opportunities. As always, these options should be considered alongside the trader’s risk tolerance, market sentiment, and any news or developments related to OCEAN Protocol.

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