Sandbox (SAND) on a Steady Descent: Indicators Point to Further Losses

Sandbox (SAND) — Current Status

SANDBOX (SAND) is currently trading at $0.5 with a -3.85% loss in 24 hours, indicating that the token is in a bearish state.

Analysts expect it to drop to the next support level at $0.47 in the coming days, constituting a further 6% loss.

The following information provides a high-level summary of ADA and this price forecast post.

Analyzed Period

4H Chart

Forecast Short-Term


Forecast Long-Term


Technical Indicators


Moving Average

Strong Down





The simple moving average (SMA) over the short term is strongly downward, with bearish trends persisting over the medium and long term.

The relative strength index (RSI) shows a figure of oversold, while the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) indicates a bearish outlook. Additionally, the momentum (MOM) and oscillator are both in bearish territory, with the average directional index (ADX) remaining neutral. Taken together, the indicators point suggest further losses in store for the token in the near future.

Sandbox (SAND) Price Chart, 6th June 2023
Sandbox (SAND) Price Chart, 6th June 2023

Sandbox (SAND) — Outlook

With the technical indicators currently pointing towards further losses, the outlook for SANDBOX (SAND) appears to be grim in the short to medium term. Analysts expect it to continue drifting downwards and likely reach the support level at 0.478 before any signs of an uptrend start to manifest.


SANDBOX (SAND) is a multi-chain platform that allows users to trade, play, and earn cryptocurrency in a safe and democratic environment. It is built to enable developers to access game engines, libraries, and frameworks, to create a seamless gaming experience.


The current outlook of SANDBOX (SAND) appears to be bearish, with the token in a downward slide. Technical indicators such as the SMA, RSI, MACD, MOM, and Oscillator all indicate further losses in the near future. Despite this gloomy outlook, SANDBOX benefits from being a secure and democratic platform, allowing users to trade, play, and earn cryptocurrency.

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