Daily Trading Snapshot – 09 SEP 2023: Back on Track

Hello crypto traders, Today’s trading scenario brought back some positivity! With a well-calculated move to PulseCheck Risk Level 90, we secured a commendable profit of 5.1% from just two trades. This decision reaffirms the importance of strategically choosing our risk levels, ensuring that we maximize gains while safeguarding our assets. Overall Bot Performance Top Trades […]

Trading Snapshot – 26 AUG 2023: When the Market Zigzags, We Navigate!

Hello, crypto enthusiasts! Welcome to your daily dose of our Crypto Trading Bot performance. August 26, 2023, painted a unique picture – a quiet day, mostly moving against the general market direction. But that’s where our PulseCheck feature came to the rescue. While most would’ve sat this one out, our bot, with the right risk […]