XRP Backtest Report (15+ Ripple Trading Strategies & Signals)

Today’s report focuses on a super extensive XRP Backtest report. We took a look at more than 15 trading signals and strategies. For each of them, we performed an extensive backtest with data from the last three years — and the results are impressive. However, we didn’t stop and performed the backtest on three different […]

XRP: 30% Price Surge Incoming? Here’s What AI Predicts!

If you’ve followed XRP for some time, you might be familiar with crazy forecasts. Just look through X (formerly Twitter), and you’ll find dozens of forecasts and announcements about the unbelievable heights XRP is reaching soon. We don’t want to add another piece to this pile — although we predict considerable growth. So, here’s a […]

XRP in Focus: A Fresh Market Outlook

After the bullish SEC news in August and its huge pump, XRP is back to its pre-pump price. We thought this was the perfect time for a fresh market outlook on XRP and to discuss its short-term potential. Let’s dive right into it! XRP Market Outlook — Current Price Action XRP, Ripple’s native cryptocurrency, is […]

Technical Indicators Spotlight: XRP, XEM, and STX on the Hourly Chart

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, every hour counts. As traders across the globe seek to navigate the volatile waters of the crypto market, technical indicators prove to be a beacon, guiding them toward potentially profitable opportunities. Let’s delve into three such tokens: XRP, XEM, and STX, as they exhibit intriguing patterns on the hourly […]

Bullish Signal: XRP, ETH & LTC Primed for Double-Digit Gains

In cryptocurrency’s exhilarating, high-speed realm, three tokens have recently blasted off a bullish signal, which could forecast a potential profit rally for eagle-eyed investors. Ripple’s XRP, Ethereum’s ETH, and Litecoin’s LTC are setting the stage for potentially strong gains in the immediate future. Bullish MACD Crossover for XRP Predicts Near 10% Upsurge First on the […]

Navigating the Crypto Waves: Top Winners and Losers of May 2023

The month of May 2023 presented yet another vivid picture of the exhilarating world of cryptocurrency, reminding us again of its inherent volatility and potential rewards. This article will explore the top 25 cryptocurrencies’ performance throughout the month, focusing on both the notable gainers and underperformers. Overview The selection of cryptocurrencies we’ll delve into comprises […]

Crypto’s Roller Coaster Week: Tokens That Topped and Flopped

A week can feel like a lifetime in an industry as dynamic and unpredictable as cryptocurrency. Amidst the rollercoaster of market trends, every token has its own tale to tell. Whether it’s a lesser-known token making unexpected gains or a heavy-hitter facing unforeseen challenges, each week brings a fresh batch of stories in the crypto […]

Analysis of XRP, ALGO & THETA on 10th June 2023

Summary After a strong beginning of the week, the crypto market has taken a turn for the worse, with BCH, AVAX, and DOGE all seeing significant decreases in price. While BCH continues to hold above $100, both AVAX and DOGE have fallen below key support levels, with DOGE sitting at just over $0.06. The overall […]

Analysis of XRP, XLM and THETA on 9th June 2023

Summary The cryptocurrency market has seen a slight rebound in the last 24 hours, with XRP, XLM, and THETA all seeing increases in price. However, the overall market trend remains down, with all three coins down from their all-time highs reached in early March. XRP XRP is currently trading at $0.525, up 1.33% in the […]

Daily Analysis of AAVE, ETH, and XRP on 8th June 2023

Summary After a strong beginning of the week, the crypto market has taken a turn for the worse, with AAVE, ETH, and XRP all seeing significant decreases in price. While AAVE continues to hold above $50, both ETH and XRP have fallen below key support levels, with XRP sitting at just over $0.50. The overall […]