The Bitcoin Time Machine: What If You Invested Just $100 in 2012? Spoiler Alert: You’d Be Rich!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather ’round, as we embark on a journey back in time to explore what would have happened if you had invested a humble $100 in Bitcoin in 2012.

So, buckle up and put on your seatbelt as we take a roller coaster ride through the years, filled with heart-stopping highs and gut-wrenching lows. And remember, hindsight is 20/20, so don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t hop on this train back in the day. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the (somewhat painful) laughs along the way.

2012: The Year it All Began (Well, not quite)

In 2012, Bitcoin was a mysterious, new, and exciting digital currency that many people didn’t quite understand. The concept of a decentralized currency had some scratching their heads, while others were secretly mining away in their basements. In 2012, the price of one Bitcoin ranged from around $4 to a whopping $13. Imagine that!

If you had invested $100 in Bitcoin in January 2012, you could have bought 25 Bitcoins at the low price of $4 each. By December 31, 2012, the price had risen to around $13. So, your initial investment would have grown to a staggering $325, a 225% increase. Not too shabby, right? It’s like finding a forgotten $20 bill in an old jacket pocket, but much, much better.

2013: The Year of Bitcoin Mania

2013 was the year Bitcoin truly stepped into the limelight, with mainstream media covering its meteoric rise and people everywhere discussing the potential of this digital goldmine. The year started with Bitcoin at $13 and ended with a mind-boggling price of $751.

Holding onto those 25 Bitcoins you bought in 2012, your investment would have skyrocketed to an incredible $18,775 by the end of 2013. That’s an astronomical 18,675% increase from your initial $100 investment! At this point, you’re probably considering buying that sports car you’ve always dreamed of – or maybe just a really fancy espresso machine.

2014: The Crash and Burn

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and 2014 was the year that the Bitcoin bubble burst (temporarily, at least). The year started with Bitcoin at $751, but after a series of unfortunate events (including the infamous Mt. Gox hack), the price plummeted, and the year ended with Bitcoin at a depressing $319.

Despite the drop in value, your investment still would have been worth a respectable $7,975 by the end of 2014. That’s a 7,875% increase from your initial investment. Although you’re no longer thinking about buying that sports car, you can still afford to treat yourself to a nice dinner or a weekend getaway. Maybe even an espresso machine if you’re still into that.

2015: The Year of Recovery

In 2015, Bitcoin began its slow but steady recovery. The price started the year at $319 and ended at around $431. It wasn’t the most exciting year, but it was a step in the right direction. Your 25 Bitcoins would have been worth $10,775 by the end of the year, a 10,675% increase from your initial investment. That espresso machine is starting to look more and more like a possibility.

2016: The Quiet Before the Storm

2016 was a relatively calm year for Bitcoin. The price steadily increased throughout the year, with a few minor bumps along the way. It started at around $431 and closed the year at $952.

Although not as dramatic as some of the previous years, this was a solid year of growth. Your 25 Bitcoins would have been worth a cool $23,800 by the end of 2016, a 23,700% increase from your initial investment. Now you can definitely buy that espresso machine – or maybe even an entire coffee shop!

2017: The Year of the Bitcoin Boom

2017 was the year that Bitcoin truly exploded onto the global stage, and everyone and their grandma was suddenly talking about cryptocurrencies. The price skyrocketed from $952 at the beginning of the year to an all-time high of $19,783 in December. The FOMO (fear of missing out) was real, and many people were kicking themselves for not investing earlier (like you did in our little hypothetical scenario).

By the end of 2017, your 25 Bitcoins would have been worth an astounding $494,575. That’s a jaw-dropping 494,475% increase from your initial $100 investment! Forget the espresso machine – now you can buy the whole coffee plantation!

2018: The Great Crypto Crash

As the saying goes, “what goes up must come down,” and 2018 was the year that Bitcoin came crashing back down to Earth. After reaching its peak in December 2017, the price began to plummet, dropping to $3,194 by the end of 2018. It was a tough year for Bitcoin enthusiasts, with many people losing significant amounts of money.

However, despite the dramatic drop, your 25 Bitcoins would still have been worth a respectable $79,850 by the end of 2018. That’s a 79,750% increase from your initial investment. Maybe it’s time to downsize from that coffee plantation and settle for a humble coffee cart.

2019: A Year of Ups and Downs

2019 was a roller coaster ride for Bitcoin, with the price fluctuating between $3,194 and $12,899 throughout the year. Despite the wild ride, the year ended on a relatively positive note, with Bitcoin at around $7,179.

By the end of 2019, your 25 Bitcoins would have been worth $179,475, a 179,375% increase from your initial investment. It’s not quite the coffee plantation, but you could still open a swanky coffee shop in a trendy neighborhood.

2020: The Year Bitcoin Became Digital Gold

2020 was a year of unprecedented global challenges, and amidst the chaos, Bitcoin emerged as a digital safe haven for many investors. The price soared from $7,179 at the beginning of the year to $29,374 by the end of the year.

By the end of 2020, your 25 Bitcoins would have been worth a staggering $734,350, a 734,250% increase from your initial investment. You’re back in coffee plantation territory, baby!

2021: The Bitcoin Bull Run Soars to New Heights

2021 witnessed Bitcoin continuing its meteoric ascent, smashing through all-time highs throughout the year. By November 2021, the price had skyrocketed to an impressive $68,789. Although my knowledge is limited to September 2021, it’s evident that Bitcoin was on an unstoppable winning streak.

By November 2021, your 25 Bitcoins would have been worth a mind-blowing $1,719,725, a 1,719,625% increase from your initial $100 investment. At this point, you’re not merely purchasing a coffee plantation – you’re well on your way to establishing a global coffee empire!


The journey of investing $100 in Bitcoin in 2012 has been a roller coaster ride filled with exhilarating highs and heart-wrenching lows. While hindsight is always 20/20, it’s fascinating to see just how much a small investment in Bitcoin could have grown over the years.

From buying 25 Bitcoins for a mere $100 in 2012 to becoming a coffee mogul worth over $1.3 million by September 2021, the journey has been nothing short of incredible. Of course, nobody could have predicted the wild fluctuations and meteoric rise of Bitcoin, and it’s essential to remember that investing always comes with risks.

So, while we can look back with a mix of humor and regret at the opportunities missed, it’s essential to learn from the past and keep an eye out for the next big thing. Who knows – maybe you’ll discover the next Bitcoin and embark on a whole new roller coaster ride.

And hey, even if you didn’t invest in Bitcoin back in 2012, at least you’ve got a funny story to tell at parties – and maybe, just maybe, you’ll inspire someone else to take a chance on a wild investment ride.

Remember, life is too short not to laugh at our missed opportunities and learn from our mistakes. So keep your eyes peeled, your wallet ready, and your sense of humor intact – because you never know when the next roller coaster ride might come along.

Happy investing, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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