Daily Trading Snapshot – August 22, 2023: Cashing in on our Short Trades!

Hey crypto enthusiasts,

Today was one for the books! We cashed in on some short trades on the 1D timeframe, placed a few days back. Riding on the wave of the market, our Crypto Trading Bot did not just participate – it dominated. Our PulseCheck feature, set at Level 30, was the star of the day, with a staggering +47.35% profit across four trades. Just for perspective, without the PulseCheck, the profit would’ve been a mere 27.9%. That’s a whopping +19.45% addition due to PulseCheck optimization!

Overall Bot Performance:

  • Total Profit: +47.35%
  • Number of Trades: 4
  • PulseCheck Level: 30
  • Additional PulseCheck Profit: +19.45%

Today’s Top 3 Trades

The theme of the day is that the bot successfully closed some larger short positions that we opened a while ago. The very unemotional handling of the situation helped our bot here.

  • FIL (1D Timeframe)
    FIL was our top performer today, cashing in on a long-standing short position and bringing in a 13.1% profit in just under 150 hours.
    • Direction: Short
    • Entry: $3.82
    • Duration: 149:37
    • Profit: $0.50 (13.1%)
  • SNX (1D Timeframe)
    SNX wasn’t far behind, with another short position that brought in a 13.06% profit in 115 hours.
    • Direction: Short
    • Entry: $2.35
    • Duration: 114:40
    • Profit: $0.3067 (13.06%)
  • AVAX (1D Timeframe)
    AVAX showcased the bot’s capability to optimize returns, churning out another 10.63% profit in just over 102 hours.
    • Direction: Short
    • Entry: $11.41
    • Duration: 102:37
    • Profit: $1.2133 (10.63%)

Trade confidently with CryptoKnowledge

To all the traders out there, remember, it’s not just about the numbers. Dive deeper into the world of crypto with the backing of our Crypto Trading Bot. Trade confidently, leverage the PulseCheck, and ride the waves to success. Dive deep, play hard, and always stay one step ahead with CryptoKnowledge.

Keep grinding, stay hungry, and remember – the game’s always on! 🚀

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