Crypto Trading Bot Report – Week 33, 2023: Bad Crypto Week – Good For Us!

Hello crypto traders,

It was a challenging week 33, 2023 for the crypto market, but an outstanding one for our bot. While the market saw downturns, our Crypto Trading Bot capitalized on it brilliantly, placing the right short trades to cash in a staggering 199.9% profit across 126 trades. Not just that, our unique PulseCheck feature, which validates trades across 17 indicators, refined these results even further, enhancing the gains by an impressive 117.5% compared to the traditional approach. IOST, LTC, and IOTX were the standout performers. Here’s a deeper dive into the week’s action:

Overall Bot Performance – Week 33, 2023

  • Optimized Total Profit: +199.9%
  • Best PulseCheck Level: SL10
  • Number of Trades: 126
  • Profit gained by PulseCheck: +117.5%

PulseCheck Focus

PulseCheck is our proprietary feature that rigorously validates each potential trade using a comprehensive analysis of 17 indicators. It ensures that every trade the bot commits to aligns with the current market direction, enhancing our trading strategy’s accuracy and profitability. By only triggering a trade when the market trends favorably, PulseCheck acts as an added layer of precision, giving traders an edge in the intricate world of crypto trading.

PulseCheck Level SL10

Leading the pack, SL10 demonstrated its robust analytic capabilities.

  • Profit: +199.9%
  • Trades: 126

PulseCheck Level SL30

SL20 closely followed, reinforcing its consistent and reliable performance metrics.

  • Profit: +188.96%
  • Trades: 105

PulseCheck Level SL20

SL20, while having fewer trades, made a significant mark with its distinctive trading insights.

  • Profit: +187.77%
  • Trades: 107

Each PulseCheck level is designed to offer a unique insight into the market’s movements, ensuring our trading strategy remains optimal.

Top Trades:

  • IOST (1D Timeframe)
    IOST took the lead, surging with a gain of 12.68% in a 33-hour, 42-minute trade.
    • Direction: Short
    • Entry: $0.00794
    • Duration: 33:42
    • Profit: 12.68%
  • LTC (1D Timeframe)
    LTC followed suit, raking in a 12.24% profit in a mere 52 minutes.
    • Direction: Short
    • Entry: $75.33
    • Duration: 0:52
    • Profit: 12.24%
  • IOTX (1D Timeframe)
    IOTX stood tall, earning a 12.03% profit over 61 hours and 13 minutes.
    • Direction: Short
    • Entry: $0.01823
    • Duration: 61:13
    • Profit: 12.03%

Best Performing Coins:

Our bot’s versatility is further highlighted by the performance of individual coins. This week, IOST, DENT, and IOTA demonstrated exceptional agility in a fluctuating market.

  1. IOST: 16.92% (2 trades)
  2. DENT: 16.27% (4 trades)
  3. IOTA: 13.48% (3 trades)

Crypto trading isn’t just about the headline-grabbing days. It’s about strategic moves, understanding the ebb and flow of the market, and seizing every opportunity. Stay informed and ahead with the CryptoKnowledge Platform.

Trade Confidently with CryptoKnowledge

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