Crypto Trading Bot Report – August 19, 2023: Protecting Profits on a Sunday

Crypto enthusiasts,

On August 20, 2023, the crypto market took a breather, showing a more serene side. But, as always, our Crypto Trading Bot was on the prowl, ensuring that every trade counted. With our PulseCheck feature activated at Level 10, we achieved a daily profit of +0.5%, compared to a sad -14.22% without PulseCheck. Even on the quieter days, we’re about maximizing every opportunity.

Overall Bot Performance – August 20, 2023

  • Total Profit: +0.5%
  • Number of Trades: 8
  • PulseCheck Level: 10
  • Additional PulseCheck Profit: +13.72%

Top Trades

No wild swings, just a well-calibrated strategy that brought SNX, DENT, and ENJ to the fore. Let’s dive into the details:

SNX (15MIN Timeframe)

With a promising upward trend, SNX caught our attention early on and didn’t disappoint.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry: $2.18
  • Duration: 37:28
  • Profit: +1.53%

DENT (1H Timeframe)

DENT, while often fluctuating, proved to be a reliable pick for our bot, further cementing its potential in the crypto world.

  • Direction: Short
  • Entry: $0.00067
  • Duration: 11:08
  • Profit: +1%

ENJ (1H Timeframe)

ENJ’s subtle movements were well-tracked by our bot, resulting in a quick gain before market adjustments.

  • Direction: Short
  • Entry: $0.2456
  • Duration: 1:09
  • Profit: +0.95%

Top Performing Coins

  • XRP: +3.95% (1 trade)
  • BAND: +3.33% (1 trade)
  • BAT: +2.51% (1 trade)

Dive deeper into the crypto space, and you’ll see that even on a calm day, there’s always a buzz. It’s about seizing those moments, making sure each trade, no matter how small, aligns with the bigger strategy.

Trade confidently with CryptoKnowledge

Why just watch the game when you can be a part of it? With our Crypto Trading Bot, you’re not just observing; you’re in the thick of it. Set it up today and get ready to make the most of the trades we’ll unpack tomorrow. Dive in, stay sharp, and always keep your game face on.

Stay hungry, crypto warriors! The horizon beckons. 🌅🚀

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