Trading Snapshot – 25 AUG 2023: Taking Some Risk Pays Off

Bucking the trend isn’t always easy, but when it pays off, it’s a thing of beauty. While the crypto streets echoed with caution, our Crypto Trading Bot danced to its own rhythm. Taking an audacious leap with Risk Level 100, we reaped the rewards of a decisive +6.96% profit. With 12 long trades, our bot’s conviction shined through, proving once again that sometimes, you’ve just got to trust the process.

Overall Bot Performance

  • Overall Profit: +6.96%
  • Total Trades: 12
  • PulseCheck Risk Level: 100

Top Trades of the Day


Polkadot showed its mettle, taking a bullish stance in a primarily bearish market. Our bot identified a promising upward trajectory and jumped on it, making a tidy profit in just under three hours.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry Price: $4.41
  • Duration: 2:39
  • Profit: +1.66%


iExec RLC, often flying under the radar, gave traders a pleasant surprise. With a determined climb, RLC showcased the potential that only our bot could recognize, resulting in a sweet gain.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry Price: $0.988
  • Duration: 8:42
  • Profit: +1.55%


IOST might not be a heavyweight, but it sure packed a punch today. Capitalizing on its upward momentum, our bot managed a swift and profitable trade, underscoring the importance of agility in the crypto arena.

  • Direction: Long
  • Entry Price: $0.0072
  • Duration: 2:34
  • Profit: +1.48%

Top Coins

As the day unfolded, our top coins mirrored our top trades. With the market’s unpredictable nature, having a trading bot that can discern the right moves is invaluable.

Trade confidently with CryptoKnowledge

Our bot’s performance is a testament to its prowess. While the crypto market remains a wild frontier, with the right tools by your side, you’re not just surviving; you’re thriving. Dive deep, make informed decisions, and let the CryptoKnowledge Trading Bot be your guide in the intricate world of crypto trading. 🚀

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