Leviathan Release: Where Crypto, Data, and Bots Converge!

We’re excited to present Leviathan, our latest and groundbreaking CryptoKnowledge release that embodies hard work, innovation, and keen attention to our cherished community’s feedback.

Our focus goes beyond mere updates – we’re revolutionizing crypto data and trading, making it more straightforward, informed, and efficient. Dive deeper into the extensive, enhanced features that Leviathan graciously offers:

🤖 Expert Bots: Unleash the Power!

Unveil the unmatched might of the most powerful bots in the industry. Expert bots in the Leviathan release are tailored for complete user control, ensuring utmost flexibility. Fear not if you’re a beginner! These expert bots are intuitively designed for effortless navigation and control, ensuring a smooth sail in the vast trading oceans. Embark on your trading journey with the most potent technology guiding your path.

CRyptoknowledge Bot

🖱️ One-Click Bots: Simplicity Redefined

Embrace the future with One-Click Bots. We’ve minimized the steps to create a crypto trading bot to a mere few clicks, ensuring everyone can enjoy the thrill and efficiency of bot trading. This monumental feature is a doorway to seamless, uncomplicated crypto trading, ensuring everyone plays a part in this financial revolution.

📊 Comprehensive Bot Stats: Your Performance Compass

Gain unrivaled insights into overall bot performance with an expansive, dedicated statistics section. Unearth the best signals, discover the most successful timeframes, and delve into a world of information that keeps you consistently informed and ahead. Leviathan’s Bot Stats are your compass in the vast seas of crypto trading, ensuring you make the most informed decisions.

CRyptoKnowledge Bot Stats

🔍 Elevated User Experience: Navigate with Ease

Experience a dramatic enhancement in user interaction with our revamped structures and workflows. Your journey through our platform is now a blissful breeze, ensuring you find the information and tools you need easily. Leviathan’s user experience is a paradigm of convenience and efficiency, ensuring your focus remains on maximizing your analysis and trading endeavors.

💵 Tailored Pricing Tiers: More Power to You

We’ve restructured our pricing to echo your needs and financial plans. As a result, we introduce three new pricing tiers:

  1. Analyst: Dive into a world of extensive data and robust analysis tools.
  2. Trader: All Analyst perks plus all-encompassing access to both basic and advanced signal features.
  3. Bot: Harness all Trader benefits plus unrestricted access to all bot features.

And here’s one more thing: We also eliminate limitations regarding tokens and timeframes with the new pricing tiers. Revel in unrestricted access to all 160 tokens and all available timeframes, irrespective of your tier.

Moreover, with an entry barrier now at a mere $8, Leviathan ensures everyone gets a seat at the table of financial freedom.

Cryptoknowledge Price Tiers

🚀 Robust, Revamped Backend: Faster, Secure, More Efficient

We’ve wholly transformed our backend, ensuring you enjoy faster data processing, heightened security, and the effortless handling of an expanded token array. Your trading journey is now smoother, secure, and more efficient, making sure every trade you make is a step towards unmatched success.

Join Us in Celebrating Leviathan!

The launch of Leviathan is not just a milestone but a beacon of transformative change, offering you unprecedented power and convenience in your crypto analysis and trading endeavors. It’s more than an update; it’s a holistic enhancement of your crypto world, ensuring every aspect resonates with efficiency, insight, and unmatched power.

We warmly invite you to explore and engage with the myriad of new features and advancements that Leviathan brings. Feel the tangible change, experience the augmented power, and let’s tread this path of continual innovation and success together.

Here’s to creating ripples of change in the crypto trading realm!

Warm Regards,
CryptoKnowledge Team

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