Unveiling the Hyper Scalper: The Cutting-Edge Crypto Trading Strategy

At CryptoKnowledge, we believe in empowering traders with top-notch, efficient strategies. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to our latest signal service feature — the “Hyper Scalper.” This innovative strategy leverages four technical indicators to help pinpoint potential long and short-entry points in the crypto market.

The strategy showed overwhelming results, especially when used on lower timeframes. Here’s a video about it.

Inside the Hyper Scalper Strategy

The Hyper Scalper strategy brings together powerful insights from four technical indicators: the 200-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA200), the 100-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA100), the 25-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA25), and the Average Directional Index (ADX).

These indicators aren’t just numbers; they’re strategic tools. The EMA200, EMA100, and EMA25 adapt to price changes faster than simple moving averages, delivering up-to-date market insights. The ADX, on the other hand, measures the strength of a trend, irrespective of its direction. An ADX value above 30 often signals a strong trend, providing a key data point for potential trades.

Long Signal

The Hyper Scalper strategy emits a long signal under the following conditions:

  • The price is above the EMA200.
  • The EMA25 is above the EMA100, and the EMA100 is above the EMA200, indicating an uptrend.
  • The ADX is greater than 30, suggesting a strong trend.
  • The price crosses the EMA25 to the downside but stays above the EMA100. Following this event, within the next 5 candles, the price crosses the EMA25 to the upside.

Short Signal

Conversely, the Hyper Scalper strategy signals a short position when:

  • The price is below the EMA200.
  • The EMA25 is below the EMA100, and the EMA100 is below the EMA200, pointing to a downtrend.
  • The ADX is greater than 30, signifying a strong trend.
  • The price crosses the EMA25 to the upside but remains below the EMA100. After this event, within the next 5 candles, the price crosses the EMA25 to the downside.

These conditions indicate potential short entry points.


The Hype Scalper strategy is available in our Expert Tier and integrated into our web-interface and email service.

Beyond Trading Signals: The CryptoKnowledge Advantage

What we offer at CryptoKnowledge isn’t just another trading tool; it’s a key to unlocking the crypto market’s potential. With our strategy, you can no longer keep tabs on the market 24/7.

Our Hyper Scalper does the heavy lifting by constantly scanning over 100 cryptocurrencies across different time frames. Once a signal aligns with the strategy’s criteria, we send email alerts to keep you updated, making efficient trading easier.

With the introduction of the Hyper Scalper strategy, CryptoKnowledge continues its commitment to improving your trading experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and as always, happy trading!


CryptoKnowledge.info is not just a platform; it’s your trusted partner in the dynamic world of crypto trading. We continuously strive to empower you with comprehensive, reliable, and timely trading signals and crypto data. With the Big Extender, our array of over 100 token alerts, trend data, and the intuitive Crypto Screener, we’re committed to enriching your trading experience.

We analyze over 100 cryptocurrencies and send out trade alerts.


The Hyper Scalper strategy is available to our paid tier subscribers. CryptoKnowledge does not guarantee any successful trades based on this strategy. Furthermore, the content provided should not be construed as financial advice. Please always trade responsibly.

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