Verge Climbs 58% — Here Are The Crypto Gainers & Losers

In cryptocurrencies’ volatile and unpredictable world, there are always winners and losers. The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind; some cryptocurrencies recorded significant gains while others endured losses. This article will analyze the performance of the top ten gainers and losers between June 27th, 2023, 9 AM UTC, and June 28th, 2023, 9 AM UTC.

Top Crypto Gainers: Verge Takes the Lead

Leading the pack of gainers over the past 24 hours was Verge (XVG), with a dramatic price increase of 57.99% to reach $0.0026. Vibing (VBG) and StrikeX (STRX) followed, with respective price increases of 39.36% and 12.60%.

Interestingly, some cryptocurrencies that were among the top gainers yesterday witnessed a decline today. For instance, Blur (BLUR), which saw a 21.02% increase yesterday, was among the top losers today, with a 16.94% decrease. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which had a positive 13.56% change yesterday, did not feature among the top gainers today.

Stellar Performance: Stellar and Hifi Finance

Stellar (XLM) and Hifi Finance (HIFI) showed resilience by making it to the list of top gainers on both days. Stellar moved from a 9.50% increase yesterday to a 10.54% increase today, while Hifi Finance showed a steady rise of 10.54%.

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
Verge XVG $0.0026 57.99
Vibing VBG $0.526 39.36
StrikeX STRX $0.036 12.60
AXEL AXEL $0.186 12.33
Hifi Finance HIFI $0.368 10.54
Adventure Gold AGLD $0.510 9.71
Stellar XLM $0.103 9.50
Bytom BTM $0.025 8.75
Nakamoto Games NAKA $0.472 8.21
SOMESING SSX $0.016 8.04

Today’s Crypto Losers: Maverick Protocol Faces the Heat

The last 24 hours were not kind to Maverick Protocol (MAV), which experienced a significant loss of 31.71%, falling to $0.533. Blur (BLUR), despite being among the top gainers yesterday, also found itself in the losers’ column, with a 16.94% decrease.

Yesterday’s top loser, Ampleforth (AMPL), which recorded a 14.83% loss, did not feature among the top losers today, showing some market recovery.

Unfortunate Continuity: Bytom and Acala Token

In a somewhat unfortunate consistency, Bytom (BTM) and Acala Token (ACA) found themselves among the top losers on both days. While Bytom lost 6.95% yesterday and a minor gain of 8.75% today, Acala Token went from 25.27% yesterday to 11.63% today.

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
Cannation CNNC $12.41 -8.32
Radiant Capital RDNT $0.286 -8.34
Voyager Token VGX $0.127 -8.39
Kwenta KWENTA $267.35 -8.50
Global Currency Reserve GCR $0.280 -9.23
SPACE ID ID $0.287 -9.81
Cream Finance CREAM $30.06 -10.48
Acala Token ACA $0.051 -11.63
Blur BLUR $0.354 -16.94
Maverick Protocol MAV $0.533 -31.71

Crypto Markter Gainers & Losers — Wrap-Up

The crypto market is renowned for its volatility, and the past 24 hours have proven this again. Dramatic shifts in rankings and percentages reflect the inherent unpredictability of the market, making it both an exhilarating and challenging field for traders. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a novice, these changes offer valuable insights and lessons on the dynamism and volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency markets.

The shown data and information are based on analyzing more than 500 crypto tokens. The data is provided by Coinmarketcap. The article is for information purposes only. We are not liable for the correctness. The article does not give trading advice in any way.

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