X3DEFI Reveals Updated Roadmap: Don’t Miss Out on New Features & Explosive Growth Opportunities!

The X3DEFI team is excited to announce several upcoming developments for the project, set to be released within the next two weeks. With the complete team back on board, the team is working on a series of improvements and new features, including a simple DEX, the launch of X3DOLLAR genesis, deflation mechanics, and much more.

This blog post will provide an overview of the upcoming changes and how they will benefit our community.

What Are The Upcoming Features?

X3DOLLAr Genesis and Liquidity Pools

The team will launch X3DOLLAR, pegged to USDC, and emit 2 million tokens over four weeks. This new token will be supported by an 8% tax above the peg, which will be utilized to create new liquidity pools, such as DARKX/MATIC and X3DOLLAR/USDC.

These pools will reward users who lock up their tokens, providing utility and rapid benefits for early adopters. The introduction of these pools will add more diversity and options for investors to benefit from the X3defi ecosystem.

Real-life Partnership for Gift Card Sales

The X3DEFI team is working on securing a partnership that will allow users to purchase gift cards directly on our website. This exciting collaboration will further enhance the real-world use cases of our platform and make it more accessible to a wider audience. The addition of gift cards will also provide users with more choices for spending their tokens, increasing the overall utility of the X3defi ecosystem.

MEV Bot Integration

The team is developing a code to integrate a MEV bot with NFTs. Once implemented, all NFT holders will benefit from this upgrade, with a final decision on the product coming soon.

The integration of the MEV bot will further strengthen the attractiveness of our NFT offerings and provide additional value to our community members.

Bridging Darkx to a New Chain

The team has been discussing the possibility of bridging DARKX to another blockchain. This move addresses the cult-driven, whale-dominated environment on the Polygon network. While the team cannot change the router for DARKX, they will gradually build liquidity on their own DEX with the new use cases. The bridging initiative could open up new opportunities and expand the reach of the X3DEFI project.

Upcoming AMA with BAYC Holders

An AMA session is in the works, featuring five Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holders. We will announce the date soon and encourage everyone to participate and showcase the strength of our community. The AMA will serve as an excellent platform for newcomers and veterans alike to learn more about our project and its future plans.

Why It’s a Great Time to Invest in X3DEFI

The X3DEFI project has recently experienced a price drop, in line with the overall crypto market. However, with the introduction of new features and ongoing developments, prices are expected to rise significantly. Over the last two days, prices have surged more than 100%. This makes it an excellent time for new investors to enter the market and benefit from the project’s growth.

How to Get Started with X3DEFI

There are several ways to get started with X3DEFI. You can join our Telegram group for more information and updates or directly purchase our tokens on QuickSwap. The tokens available are DARKX, XONE, and XFACTORY. By investing in these tokens, you will be able to participate in the various features offered by the X3defi ecosystem.

Get Started Today

The X3DEFI project is committed to continuous growth and innovation. With the upcoming developments, including the launch of X3DOLLAR genesis, new liquidity pools, real-life partnerships, MEV bot integration, and bridging initiatives, we are confident that our platform will attract a significant volume of users and foster a robust ecosystem.

Now is an excellent time to invest in X3DEFI, as recent price surges indicate the market’s recognition of the project’s potential. We appreciate your support and encourage you to stay tuned for further updates on these exciting new features. Join their Telegram group or purchase their tokens on QuickSwap to become a part of the X3DEFI journey.

About X3DEFI

Launched in October 2022X3defi is a DeFi project built on the Polygon chain, offering a wide range of features such as a Tomb Fork, lending and leveraging, vaults, and trading bots. Since its inception, the project has been committed to delivering innovative solutions and providing a robust platform for users to grow their investments in the ever-evolving DeFi space.

This post is no financial advice. Please do your own research. Investing in a crypto trading bot does not guarantee any gains — moreover, a total loss of assets is possible!

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