XLM: Charting a Potential 40% Upside Amid a Falling Wedge Pattern

XLM — Current Market Position

Stellar (XLM) stands at $0.091, hinting at a potential bullish surge following a breakout from a falling wedge pattern discernible on its 1-day chart. This positive formation could trigger an uptrend, leading to a substantial price rally.

If the broader market aligns favorably, XLM may witness a significant run of nearly 40% from its current position of $0.13.

XLM — Overview

Analyzed Period

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Profit Potential


Examining Indicators: Uptrend Short-Term, Neutral Medium, and Long-Term


Currently, Stellar’s indicators signal a short-term uptrend, indicating a potential for immediate growth. This uptrend is demonstrated by the MACD line trending above the MACD signal line, a classic sign of bullish momentum. This suggests that buyers are taking control of the market, potentially pushing Stellar’s value upwards.

Conversely, the medium and long-term trends exhibit neutrality. This may suggest a lack of decisive momentum in either direction over these extended periods. Nevertheless, a neutral trend doesn’t rule out the possibility of future growth or decline; it merely implies a balance between buying and selling pressures.


Another significant indicator pointing to a bullish trend is the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Currently, Stellar’s RSI is above 55, further reinforcing the presence of bullish momentum. A higher RSI typically suggests that an asset is gaining strength and the market is favoring buyers over sellers.

Support & Resistance

As Stellar navigates these varying market dynamics, it has identifiable support and resistance zones to consider. The nearest support zone for Stellar lies at $0.075. This level is crucial for Stellar to maintain to prevent a further price drop. On the flip side, Stellar faces resistance at the $0.100 mark. This is a critical level to overcome to pave the way for further upward momentum. Beyond $0.100, a more substantial resistance level lies at $0.130, breaking through, which could signal a strong bullish surge.

STELLAR XLM Price Chart 1D, 4th June 2023
STELLAR XLM Price Chart 1D, 4th June 2023

XLM Trade Setup & Outlook: The Path to a 40% Gain

Stellar’s recent breakout from the falling wedge pattern and its positioning above the 200-day moving average signal a potential trend reversal. These indications suggest that the sell-side pressure may wane, and a new wave of buyers could emerge.

This trade setup paints a compelling picture of a possible price rally. With the proper market support, Stellar could ascend to the $0.10 mark and possibly even reach $0.13. This signifies an approximate 40% gain from the current position—a significant upside for traders and investors.

About Stellar (XLM)

Stellar, the platform behind the Stellar Lumens (XLM) cryptocurrency, is known for its focus on remittance and cross-border payments. Its mission is to connect financial institutions, reduce costs, and expedite cross-border transfers. Furthermore, in pursuit of financial accessibility and inclusion, Stellar aims to reach the world’s unbanked population.

In Summary

Currently trading at $0.091, Stellar (XLM) demonstrates the potential for a substantial rally. Emerging from a falling wedge pattern and exhibiting bullish momentum, XLM could realize a run of nearly 40% to reach the $0.13 mark, given sufficient market support.

Stellar appears to be carving out a promising trajectory amid a predominantly bearish crypto market.

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