Daily Analysis — Here Are The Top 10 Trending Crypto Coins

It’s the time of the day when we take a look at the trending crypto coins of the last 24 hours. As always, we checked several, especially CoinMarketCap, to define the hottest and most talked-about crypto coins.

Trending Crypto Coins — Explanation

Bitcoin at the Top

Let’s start with the most impressive change compared to yesterday’s trending crypto coins: Bitcoin climbed eight positions and waves hello from the top of the list. However, this is somehow logical since Bitcoin had an impressive pump in the last 24 hours and trades above $30,000 again.

Pepe and Keke rank 2nd and 3rd

Pepe lost one position, ranks second, and underpins its status as the most talked meme-coin.

KEK is one of the surprises of today’s trending crypto coins. The token entered the top 10 and ranks third right behind Bitcoin and Pepe. Not surprising when looking at the token’s performance: KEK pumped almost 20% during the last 24 hours.

Shiba Inu, Ethereum, and Polygon defend their positions

The bigger blue chips, Shiba Inu, Ethereum, and Polygon Matic, defend yesterday’s position and trend at rank four, six, and seven accordingly. Arbitrum loses two places and ranks ten.

LUNC is back on the list!

When the market pumps, it’s always time for meme coins (Pepe, KEK, Shiba Inu) or LUNC 🙂 Therefore, it is unsurprising to see LUNC re-entering the top 10 trending tokens list.

Trending Crypto Coins — Detailed Data

Rank Yesterday’s Rank Symbol Token Name Price Change 24h Change 7D
1 9 BTC Bitcoin 26,885 1.44 3.05
2 1 PEPE Pepe 9.28e-7 -0.352 -1.42
3 KEK KEKE No results found for KEK. No results found for KEK. No results found for KEK.
4 4 SHIB Shiba Inu 7.11e-6 -1.08 4.67
5 2 SUI Sui 0.768 0.327 6.74
6 6 ETH Ethereum 1,732 0.023 -0.585
7 7 MATIC Polygon 0.604 0.088 -7.70
8 10 KAS Kaspa 0.021 6.14 27.12
9 LUNC Terra Classic 0.0001 -2.60 -8.29
10 8 ARB Arbitrum 0.999 -0.622 -0.107


The information provided in this article is based on data sourced from CoinMarketCap, a reputable cryptocurrency data platform. You can find more details and real-time updates on coin prices and other related information by visiting CoinMarketCap’s website.

Please note that while the ranking of the trending coins remains fixed, the prices and other data mentioned here are subject to change. We update our data every 20 minutes to reflect the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Conducting your own research and exercising caution when making investment decisions based on the provided information is crucial. The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market can lead to significant fluctuations, and investments carry inherent risks. Always consult with a professional financial advisor before engaging in any investment activities.

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