Verge (XVG) Leads Again: Top Gainers & Losers Last 24 Hours

The digital currency landscape continues to experience fluctuations, showing that the market remains ripe for both opportunities and risks. Here’s a quick rundown of the top gainers and losers in the crypto world over the past 24 hours.

Top Crypto Gainers


The leading gainer for the last 24 hours is Verge (XVG), which saw an impressive price increase of 78.14%, moving from $0.0039 to $0.0057. This sharp upward swing adds to its previous day’s gain of 59.03%, making Verge a digital asset to watch out for.

Acala Token (ACA) followed close behind with a 24-hour increase of 44.50% as its price soared from $0.058 to $0.074. This comes after a steady growth of 13.69% the previous day, pointing to a possibly strong market trend for ACA.

Celo (CELO) also showed strong performance, with its price moving from $0.535 to $0.650, representing a 31.47% increase. The upward trend follows a gain of 11.91% from the day before.

Other notable gainers include The Graph (GRT) with a 27.04% gain, Measurable Data Token (MDT) with 20.26%, Pepe (PEPE) with 17.77%, Filecoin (FIL) with 16.93%, RACA (RACA) with 15.22%, BitDAO (BIT) with 14.75%, and QuickSwap (QUICK) with 13.59%.

Detailed Data

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
Verge XVG $0.0057 78.14
Acala Token ACA $0.074 44.50
Celo CELO $0.650 31.47
The Graph GRT $0.134 27.04
Measurable Data Token MDT $0.058 20.26
Pepe PEPE $1.81854e-06 17.77
Filecoin FIL $4.73 16.93
RACA RACA $1.34098e-04 15.22
BitDAO BIT $0.491 14.75
QuickSwap QUICK $59.55 13.59

Top Crypto Losers


While some digital assets experienced significant growth, others were not as fortunate. Global Currency Reserve (GCR) took the heaviest hit, with a price decrease of 13.51%, falling from $2.14 to $2.20. This is after a disappointing previous day, with a loss of 15.14%.

Dust Protocol (DUST) followed with a decline of 10.06%, while AVINOC (AVINOC) experienced a decline of 9.62%.

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) also experienced a significant drop, declining by 7.19% to $3.67.

Other cryptos that faced a downward trend include Kaspa (KAS) with a 6.10% decline, RichQUACK.com (QUACK) with a 5.71% decline, FTX Token (FTT) with a 5.33% decline, NvirWorld (NVIR) with a 4.96% decline, tomiNet (TOMI) with a 4.90% decline, and finally Cream Finance (CREAM) with a 4.83% decline.

Detailed Data

Name Symbol Current Price Percent Change 24h
Cream Finance CREAM $19.34 -4.83
tomiNet TOMI $4.08 -4.90
NvirWorld NVIR $0.030 -4.96
FTX Token FTT $1.63 -5.33
RichQUACK.com QUACK $6.87966e-10 -5.71
Kaspa KAS $0.024 -6.10
UNUS SED LEO LEO $3.67 -7.19
AVINOC AVINOC $0.170 -9.62
Dust Protocol DUST $2.03 -10.06
Global Currency Reserve GCR $2.20 -13.51

Wrapping Up

The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies is evident in these drastic shifts, with some coins making significant gains while others suffer losses. This market is an exciting place for investors but requires careful attention and a clear understanding of risk management strategies. Due diligence and a diversified portfolio can be a crypto investor’s best friend.

Remember, these changes are based on the past 24 hours, and cryptocurrency markets can be extremely volatile. So, always invest with caution. Stay tuned for more daily updates on the crypto market’s biggest gainers and losers.

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