DENT: Democratizing the Mobile Data Market – A Comprehensive Review and Outlook

DENT Wireless Ltd embodies this convergence in the fast-paced world of blockchain technology, where the lines between physical and virtual realms continue to blur. It aims to revolutionize the telecom industry by creating a decentralized marketplace for mobile data. This review seeks to shed light on DENT’s vision, uniqueness, and journey thus far, along with […]

SYScoin: A Comprehensive Review and Future Outlook

Introduction In the ever-evolving crypto sphere, where disruptive projects are increasingly shaping the landscape of digital assets and decentralized applications, Syscoin stands out as a unique proposition. Born in the realm of cryptocurrencies but branching beyond decentralized marketplaces and blockchain interoperability, Syscoin is a multifaceted project with broad implications for the future. What is Syscoin? […]

Analysis: Bitcoin Slips by 3%, What’s Next?

This article provides an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin, its current situation, and its trading potential. We will discuss technical indicators and provide trade setups. So let’s get right into it! A Tempestuous Market ā€” Current Status of Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC), the pioneer of the cryptocurrency world, currently trades at $29,100. This marks a decline of […]

Powering Crypto Success with the Power Scalper Strategy

It’s been an electrifying month here at We’ve worked diligently to design and refine strategies that can empower you in your crypto trading journey. Today, we are excited to introduce our latest strategy ā€“ the Power Scalper. The Power Scalper strategy is another step forward in our commitment to make data-driven decisions accessible to […]

FTM in Focus: Breaking Down the Bullish and Bearish Case in Numbers

Current Status – FTM Trading at $0.24 Amid Market Uncertainties Currently, FTM, the native token of the Fantom platform, is trading at a price of $0.24. Over the past 24 hours, the token’s price has decreased by -4.9%, demonstrating the token’s exposure to market volatility. Recently, FTM’s price experienced a notable bounce from the $0.20 […]

Unveiling the Cryptoverse: The “Inside Blockchain: 42 Pioneers” Interview Series

Excitement is an understatement for what Iā€™m feeling right now. After countless days and sleepless nights of meticulous planning, I’m thrilled to announce my latest project – a unique interview series titled “Inside Blockchain: 42 Pioneers.” What is “Inside Blockchain: 42 Pioneers” about? The raison d’etre of this series is simple yet profound. With the […]

The Journey so Far: A Month in the Life of

As the founder of, I am delighted to share some reflections on our first month of operation. Our mission was clear from the start: to empower cryptocurrency traders with accurate and timely data, ultimately transforming how you engage with the crypto market. Today, I want to look back and give you a more in-depth […]