Trading Snapshot – 23 AUG 2023: An Unusual Day in Crypto

Hello, crypto enthusiasts! Yesterday was, no doubt, a peculiar day in the crypto realm. Many trades seemed to defy the market direction determined by our PulseCheck feature. But, as always, our Crypto Trading Bot was prepared. By relying on a lower risk setting with PulseCheck Level 10, we ensured only one LTC trade got triggered. […]

Litecoin’s Rollercoaster: Why LTC’s 10% Surge Might Be Around the Corner!

Litecoin (LTC), the digital silver to Bitcoin’s gold, currently trades at a figure of $64.8. Over the past 24 hours, this cryptocurrency experienced a decline of -1.2%, leaving investors and traders cautious but attentive. This decline has brought the price down from a previous high of $116 to now rest at a substantial support level […]

RSI Oversold AVAX & LTC: What You Need to Know!

If you’ve been involved in the world of cryptocurrency trading, then you’re likely familiar with the unpredictability and volatility that characterizes this market. While it’s true that the crypto universe has its share of chaos, certain indicators can help traders make educated decisions. One such vital indicator is the RSI (Relative Strength Index), and right […]

Crunching the Numbers: 3 Tokens Emerge as Clear Winners in Our In-depth Analysis

In a financial ecosystem as dynamic as cryptocurrency, diligent research and analysis are paramount. By examining more than 100 cryptocurrencies across 17 different technical indicators, we’ve ventured to find the best bullish trading opportunities available right now. Diving Deep into Technical Indicators Our comprehensive analysis incorporated the following indicators, each of which provides a unique […]