New Tokens Added to CryptoKnowledge: Expanding Our Horizon

We have some exhilarating news to share with you today. At CryptoKnowledge, we have always been committed to making the crypto trading journey more informative, transparent, and accessible. In keeping with that mission, we’re excited to announce a major expansion to our platform.

Today, we’ve added 54 new tokens to our repertoire! This monumental addition ensures that you have a broader field to explore, analyze, and invest in. Moreover, during the next stays we will keep the pace and continue to add more tokens.

Here’s a list of the tokens we added:

  • VGX
  • MDT
  • ACH
  • BEL
  • BOND
  • DIA
  • HIVE
  • DYDX
  • RAD
  • KEY
  • RIF
  • FTM
  • ZRX
  • ENS
  • PLA
  • JUV
  • TKO
  • COTI
  • PROM
  • PNT
  • WING
  • LOKA
  • CVX
  • BSW
  • BETA
  • PYR
  • CRV
  • OOKI
  • UMA
  • DEGO
  • HOT
  • DUSK
  • OXT
  • CHZ
  • HFT
  • NEAR
  • HOOK
  • ERN
  • PERL
  • ILV
  • TRB
  • INJ

Each of these tokens is immediately available across all our features, allowing you to dive into in-depth analyses, market updates, and trading strategies without any delay.

Our team is ecstatic about this expansion, as it takes us one step closer to being the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and community-driven crypto trading platform out there. We’re incredibly thankful for your constant support and are eager to bring you even more exciting updates in the near future.

Stay tuned for more, and happy trading!

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