Bitcoin (BTC) Backtest Report (15+ Trading Strategies & Signals)

Today’s report focuses on a super extensive Bitcoin Backtest report. We took a look at more than 15 trading signals and strategies. For each of them, we performed an extensive backtest with data from the last three years — and the results were surprising. However, we didn’t stop and performed the backtest on three different […]

Bitcoin RSI Trading Examined: A 2023 Backtest Breakdown

Can you make money by applying a straightforward RSI trading strategy to Bitcoin? In our continuous search for the most efficient and successful crypto trading strategies, we have a closer look at the Relative Strength Index (RSI). In detail, we will present and discuss our extensive backtest results and shed light on the question of […]

Bitcoin Backtest: How Effective Was the MACD Strategy in 2023?

In this article, we dive into an insightful Bitcoin backtest of the MACD strategy throughout the year 2023. Our focus is on answering key questions: Expect a straightforward, data-driven exploration that cuts through the complexities of cryptocurrency trading strategies, providing clear insights into the practical application and effectiveness of the MACD strategy in Bitcoin trading […]