Crypto AI Forecast — 16th December (JASMY, RUNE, CVX, and others)

In cryptocurrency’s dynamic and often unpredictable world, traders are always seeking insights to navigate the market effectively. The latest AI forecasts and various technical indicators provide a glimpse into potential future movements of different tokens. This article delves into the recent forecasts and indicators for a selection of tokens, offering a detailed analysis of each. […]

Crypto Trading Signals — 13th December 2023 (RUNE, SUSHI, RNDR, and many more)

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, trading signals offer crucial insights for informed decision-making. This article delves into the latest detected signals for various tokens, exploring their support and resistance levels, profit potential, and backtest data where available. All signals are based on the hourly chart! Here’s an in-depth look at each token: For more […]

Bear Market Busters: 3 Crypto Tokens That Are Unstoppable!

In the world of cryptocurrency, a bear market typically brings about significant challenges. It’s a period marked by declining asset prices, dwindling investor confidence, and a pervasive sense of caution. Most tokens see a decrease in value, with portfolios suffering as a consequence. However, certain assets demonstrate notable resilience and growth despite the prevailing market […]

Eyeing a 5% Gain: ThorChain’s RUNE Short-term Bullish Trend

ThorChain’s native token, RUNE, has been experiencing a significant downturn recently. Currently trading at $1.136, the token has been hit hard since reaching its all-time high of $13 in March earlier this year. This marked decrease, amounting to a more than 90% loss in value, underscores the high-risk nature of the asset. Yet, despite the […]